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Transportation of Oversized Cargo by Road: Things You Should Know

Transportation of oversized cargo is a complex and laborious type of transportation; therefore, you should choose Nationwide Over-Dimensional Freight to provide this service. To perform the services, special equipment is required, which can be controlled by a professional with work experience. The price of transportation of oversized cargo is acceptable, while the organization guarantees the quality of services, safety, and integrity of the transported equipment and special equipment.
Features of Road Transportation of Oversized Cargo
Sometimes they are characterized by a very long organizational process (take more time than direct transportation). The route is planned so that the time spent on the cargo is minimal (the delivery time is as short as possible). Several additional parameters are taken into account: the throughput of highways, and the distance from settlements, weather conditions.

  • When choosing a logistics company, you should always pay special attention to the availability of experience – this guarantees the high quality of the services provided and a professional approach. One of the main advantages of companies that have been on the market for many years is a wide network of partners worldwide. This allows you to offer customers alternative options for the transportation of the most complex cargo.
    Organization Of Transportation of Oversized Cargo by Road Includes the Following Stages
  • Development Of a Logistic Scheme and Obtaining Permission

This stage involves choosing the optimal route and suitable road transport and getting a mandatory permit. The duration of route approval and obtaining a license on average lasts from 10 to 20 days (in some individual cases, it may take several months – in project transportation).

  • Choosing A Suitable Vehicle or Method of Transportation
    The choice of the method of transportation (auto, railway, multimodal service) is carried out considering the dimensions of the cargo, the specifics of the route.
    Cargo escorting by cover vehicles, traffic police, and other special services. Depending on the overall dimensions of the cargo, it may be necessary to be accompanied by police/traffic police cars or a cover car (a car with a yellow flashing light).
  • Control Of Transportation, Tracking Cargo on The Route, And Implementation Of Operational Communication With The Customer
    Tracking the path of cargo along the route in real-time is one of the prerequisites for carrying out transportation. Prompt communication with the customer allows you to be aware of the location of the cargo and its condition.
  • Unloading Cargo at The Destination
    Unloading is carried out using special equipment suitable for the work. In most cases, the consignee is responsible for organizing unloading operations. In the absence of an objective opportunity to manage unloading by the forces of the Recipient, freight forwarding companies have the opportunity to provide such a service by attracting Partners who carry out rigging.

High professionalism, the competence of employees, and an attentive approach to each client – all this allows Nationwide Over-Dimensional Freight to maintain a high level of services provided in the field of oversized cargo transportation.

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