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Touchless Biometric Systems: Biometric Manufacturer leading the way

Innovation is a beautiful art, between the overwhelming excitement of pushing new technical boundaries, and the obligation of providing solid tested products to the customers.
No innovations can be carried out without challenges, but what matters for the innovative companies is to stand by their customers generously and thoroughly through the process and deliver beyond expectations. Touchless Biometric Systems is one such innovative company which has shown extreme agility and has successfully emerged as one of the most innovative companies in biometrics. Inventing and committing has always been the bedrock of TBS’ creative ideas in a conservative industry, while eventually providing solid and highly reliable solutions trusted to secure palaces and nuclear plants.
TBS, No Less
TBS is a biometric one-stop-shop for all major security organizations, providing innovative solutions for access control (security) and attendance (productivity). TBS offers complete biometric solutions to government, multinationals, small enterprises, institutional organizations or residential buildings for security.
Operating since 2009, TBS manufactures its quality hardware in Switzerland, and complements it with a disruptive software platform, which has now integrated with almost every major global security company that includes Honeywell, Siemens, Johnson Controls, Kaba, Lenel, Nedap, Allegion and more.
TBS was the first in the biometric industry to use web services and also brought design to biometrics, with a range that was distinguished by the Red Dot design award. Their disruptive software approach was a great success and since has been followed by others.
TBS is best known for its first Touchless biometric reader in the world that scans fingerprints in 3D. Even after 6 years, the 3D (currently in its second generation) is still the most secure, tolerant and accurate reader based on the information of a single finger.
The team which drives Company’s Success
Alex Zarrabi, Chief Executive Officer, TBS has over 15 years of experience in the technology field. Alex has a wealth of knowledge from his background working within Europe and the Middle East. Prior to TBS, Alex was CEO, Alpine DMCC/Switzerland, and General Manager, IndigoVision Middle East.
He studied mathematics and graduated from the Swiss Institute of Technology – EPFL and other institutions with mobile phone, satellites, and network engineering specialities.
At TBS, he is closely relying on a team of experienced leaders comprising: Daniel Kohler (Chairman), Torsten Meister (CTO), Philippe Niederhauser (Head of Sales & Marketing), as well as a strong R&D and support team. Since the creation of the company till the current management team, TBS’ DNA has always been a vibrant teamwork.
Unique fingerprint technology changing the business
3D fingerprint technology, the company’s flagship product is extraordinary. Due to increased image quality, more fingerprint details can be captured and greater recognition capabilities can be achieved. This is also aided by differentiating between the most difficult fingerprints and identification in very large databases with up to 10,000 users. The technology also works under harsh conditions such as those on a construction site.
Also, TBS is also the only company to bring under one roof all 3 fingerprint technologies (2D fingerprint, 2D+ multispectral dermascan and 3D Touchless fingerscan). This is also a major value differentiator for TBS, since it has every option at the disposal of end-users, and does not “sell”, but “advises” its customers.
TBS does not follow the usual strategy of selling through “as many channels as possible”, but sells through very few companies, and declines daily requests for partnership. “The reason is that we want to extend our teamwork spirit to our partners. We know, meet and train them, and try to make sure that they deliver our products to the customer’s entire satisfaction. We also try to meet our end-users as often as possible. So even in the event something needs to be attended, we can intervene and solve the concern, because we know every customer case individually. A TBS solution simply works. Thanks to its different approach, TBS has created a reputation of utter “peace of mind”, asserts Alex.
Growing and Developing with Stride and Pride
TBS’ success has grown quickly from Europe to the Middle East, despite the fact that it is a young company,  and now looking forward to further expanding its operations and presence in Asia, US and Africa. However, the growth has always supported many ideas, enhancing their platform along the journey.
TBS thinks that a new step forward will be achieved thanks to some upcoming innovations: 3D Face, advanced Iris, Heavy Duty and portable biometric. The company believes that 2017 should confirm TBS’ position as the No 1 innovation provider in the biometrics world.
“There are great competitors out there, whom we respect and who help keeping us on our toes. I’m biased obviously, but I truly believe that TBS will be progressively recognised for building the most versatile and robust set of technologies from any manufacturer in the world. Our wish is to create more value for customers and play increasingly the role of advisor, benchmark and authority in biometrics”, concludes Alex.