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Toshinori Iwasawa: Offering Redefined Strategies to Help Clients be Successful

Customers don’t expect you to be perfect. They do expect you to fix things when they go wrong,” said Donald Porter, VP of British Airways.
The experts of the business world say that the corporations must transform and evolve themselves along with the increasing level in the global transformation. To thrive in this stiff competition, businesses must move with greater sophistication and speed. It apparently seems that the corporate transformation requires superb strategy, but this can only be achieved through continuous and pervasive inculcation enabling it to take root throughout the workplace. One such company which defines its greatest strength to be firm conviction is ABeam Consulting, a global consulting firm originated in Japan and Asia.
For more than three decades, ABeam Consulting is supporting its customers by contributing to their efforts to take corporate transformation challenges, providing a full range of consulting services from management strategy to business process consulting and even IT implementation and operation. The company sees firm conviction to be its greatest strength so that it can contribute to the realization of its customers’ corporate transformation through leading their workplace to transformation and seeing it through to completion.
Breaking through Boundaries and Winning over Challenges
The company proudly claims that irrespective of the difficulty it faces and the irrespective of the length or inclination of the road, ABeam consultants will delve deeply into the workplace with its abundant experience and knowledge in every industry and its state-of-the-art technological expertise. And, the person who guides the company through any difficulty and challenge is Toshinori Iwasawa, CEO at ABeam Consulting.
Under the guidance of Toshinori, the company has earned in-depth understanding of  differences in culture and business practices among various countries and regions. He leads a team of experts to provide solutions optimized for the customer’s inherent circumstances and trains them to work together with the customer until completion of the work.
An Inspiring Story of an Extraordinary Entrepreneur
The CEO of the ABeam Consulting, Toshinori started his career at ITOCHU, one of Japan’s renowned trading companies. At ITOCHU, he joined the Industrial Machinery Department and has worked all around the world. While working in the company, he resided in Indonesia for two years and that helped him to be a proficient speaker of English, Chinese and Indonesian. After earning enough knowledge and experience in the industry, Toshinori suddenly found that he wants to pursue a career on his terms, rather than strictly acting as a company man.
To pursue that goal, he moved from ITOCHU to Deloitte, where his first assignment was with the Global CEO Team for Manufacturing within the Strategy Business Unit. There, he has subsequently served as Consumer Business Unit Leader, U.S. Managing Director, Manufacturing and Consumer Business Unit Leader and finally Japan Manufacturing Director and CEO.
Soon after undergoing a huge transition, Toshinori joined ABeam Consulting, the only originated towards Japan and Asian region. He says, “The most important motivation to me lies within client’s satisfaction.” He further adds, “The unique core value that distinguishes us from others is our imperative to serve as a Real Partner to our clients.
As the leader of the top Asia-oriented consulting firm, and a global challenger, Mr. Iwasawa does not have any role models in this regard. His clients are the ones who inspire him every moment. He has even talked about the most memorable moment of his life and stated the “Enron Crisis” of 2001. He even mentioned that the enormity of this incident precipitated the decision by ABeam Consulting to choose independence from Deloitte group in determining their client.
A Leader’s Perspective on the Industry
Toshinori’s perspective on industry holds that data represents the key success factor for companies. The pursuit of connected enterprise operations through data trading promoted corporate growth. The leading entrepreneur has even mentioned that consulting firms must therefore create occasions and opportunities to support successful data trading. The consulting companies can do this rapidly developing and proposing new solutions and by providing flexible systems to encourage the movement.
Toshinori’s focus has always been on developing a solid ground that enables ABeam Consulting to function as a global consulting firm that supports Japanese multinational companies around the world. His exceptional leadership skills and expertise has enabled ABeam Consulting to achieve continuous growth while developing and producing a wealth of global talent.
The CEO of the company has even lead the company to additionally offer new value-added solutions and services to the growing market by grasping the client’s needs based on his deep knowledge about the industry and IT capabilities. Toshinori has also guided the team to extend its dedication towards developing global talents on an overall basis and not just at ABeam Consulting, and also within client companies.
About the Company which is Redefining Strategies
ABeam Consulting provides business transformation services that create strategic advantage, improve business processes, leverage technology innovation, and enhance organizational performance for leading multinational and domestic companies worldwide. ABeam partners with clients to diagnose and solve their real challenges with solutions that combine industry and operational best practices with technical expertise. Pragmatic approaches ensure that clients gain measurable value more quickly. Headquartered in Tokyo, ABeam’s 5,000 professionals serve more than 800 clients throughout Asia, the Americas and Europe.
The leader’s message to the budding entrepreneurs is: “Sense the paradigm shift and create the de facto standard.

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