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TopSportsLab: Empowering Sports Organizations to Achieve the Best from their Players

In recent years, professional sports teams have embraced various advanced metrics. These metrics are new ways of eyeing player statistics regarding his performance, injuries, and commitments. Such platforms also facilitates essential game analysis that further accelerates team management and selection processes. TopSportsLab is an online software application founded by two foremost sport industry experts, Jan van Winckel and Prof Dr Werner Helsen. The company optimizes player’s performance and even improves internal communication between team management pillars i.e. the technical, medical, sports science, and administrative staff. It allows secure and efficient entry, storage, sharing, processing and analysis of players’ data. Moreover, it delivers an adept software solutions, physical screenings, and consultancy, focusing on elite sport, and supporting the rollout of sports science strategies. The application enhances multi-disciplinary teamwork. It countenances medical, technical, strength and conditioning, fitness, physiotherapist and sports science staff to work together within one system.
An In-Depth Feature Tour
TopSportsLab is an online application, which you can log in anytime anywhere. The features offered by it are seamlessly integrated and bids a complete tailored solution for its users. TopSportsLab sets a bar of agility very high as the services can be operated by the support staff within a day. The application offers 5 modules; these can be utilized stand-alone and as separate apps also. However, the solution accounts for maximum benefits when utilized as a package.
Coach admin Module: This module includes players’ information (address, telephone, school, school results, parents, passports, etc.), communications/email, appointments, calendar and bulletin boards, attendance etc.
Medical Module: It centralizes the medical information of team players including medical history and diagnoses. The features like rehabilitation programs and corresponding evaluations can improve interdisciplinary communication between the members of the medical staff.  This module includes an algorithm providing an injury risk profile for each individual player. You now know where your player might get injured.
Training and Game Module: This module allows users to organize his/her periodization throughout the season, measure players’ attendance, collect training and game related statistics (goals, assists, minutes played, etc.). One can even map selections, register substitutes, playing time, positions, cards, etc.
Testing and Screening Module: The module includes some 300 test protocols, keeps historical records of test results and allows to benchmark on a like-for-like basis i.e. per age group, position and competitive level. Screen your team on different physical, technical, and injury prevention parameters. The results are linked to the injury and performance prediction algorithms. It evaluates players and regulates necessary exercises on time.
Performance Management Module: This module continuously monitors players’ workload using eg. GPS trackers and HR systems while keeping a constant eye on enhanced performance, fatigue management, and injury prediction algorithm.  You now know when a player might get injured.
Performance enhancement and Individualization: It continuously displays workload on individual players and control physical periodization and training sessions accordingly.
Fatigue Management: The performance prediction algorithm gives an indication of the fitness and fatigue level of every player at any time. The fitness indicator notifies when a player is well recovered for a new overload training stimulus or warns you when a player is at risk to develop an overuse injury.
Injury Prediction Algorithm: This algorithm is an injury prediction and assessment tool that provides visual representation of injuries, allowing medical staffs to form more effective and personalized injury prevention strategies.
The Initial Struggle while Impelling the Conservative Industry
TopSportsLab was an early bird in the sports industry. Initially, the company struggled to deliver a solution to relatively conservative sports like football. The buy-in from top teams has taken a couple of years as impelling the giants with software solution was a tough ask. The lifetime of an application is about 4-5 years. The investments to develop an application are substantial. Hence, the company gets limited economic payback time which was also an initial challenge in the industry with critical customer feedback. Today, the company has cradled past all the initial challenges and has been leading towards a double digit growth.   
The Surplus Welfares Offered by the Platform
Injuries not only cost you wins, they cost money. The injury prevention and prediction algorithms result in physically superior players.
TopSportsLab contributes sport clubs with unparalleled sustainability. It provides systems that last and underpin associate’s long-term strategies. The platform offers screening, training, and prevention regimes for youth teams which enhance performance and empowers academy to produce future elite players
The founders of the company are distinguished academics who work with elite sports tournaments on a daily basis i.e. UEFA, Champions League football, National field hockey teams, etc. They will also play their role during the upcoming World Championship in Russia. They use, test and improve the application in their own competitive daily work environments. In parallel, they continuously support students with cutting-edge projects, for which TopSportsLab has been awarded several prestigious research grants.
The Prominent Economist Leading from the Front 
CEO of TopSportsLab, Alexander Janssen is an economist holding an MBA from ESCP Europe. For seventeen years, he was the CEO of Juran Institute, world’s leading consultant in the field of Quality Management. Alexander led Juran’s Oil and Gas Practice, who later became the global leader in the field of asset management, benchmarking with customers across 32 countries. In 2013, Alexander took a stake in TopSportsLab and has been leading the company with a great prominence ever since and hopes to do the same in the future.
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