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Toppan Vite: Driving Financial Technology Forward

Toppan Vite has been a global pioneer and trusted partner in the world’s financial markets for over three decades, serving companies and institutions and their legal and banking advisors in Asia, the United States, and Europe. As a one-stop-shop for all the financial printing and document management needs, Toppan Vite helps clients create, manage and distribute time-sensitive financial materials including content for capital market transactions, financial reporting and regulatory filings, funds and annuities. The company has worked on thousands of corporate and capital markets assignments and offers a broad range of local market experience combined with regional and global capabilities.
Technology has changed the way people disseminate and share content in documents and filings, and the world’s largest printing company has led the charge.  Toppan Vite offers intuitive service platforms that are easy to use and utilize cutting-edge technology and advanced cybersecurity protocol developed using extensive feedback from industry experts. The Hive suite of innovative technology solutions has garnered industry-wide accolades for saving time and money during lengthy financial printing processes, and are poised to continue evolving to meet our clients’ ever-changing needs.
The Hive® suite of cutting-edge technology solutions aspires to the time-tested organization of a beehive – an industrious community collaborating in a secure environment towards a common goal. The Hive® suite includes:
Hive® Virtual Data Rooms, a fully accredited platform that offers an uncluttered interface and suite of dynamic real-time activity reports that give dealmakers total control and insight of their data.
Hive® Content Control, an easy-to-use, cloud-based solution that delivers a secure, hassle-free experience for authoring, editing and managing shared content from internal and external contributors.
Hive® SEC Self-file offers an intelligent interface and time-saving solutions for automating the disclosure and filing process for public companies, investment companies, and compliance professionals and security attorneys.
Hive® Marketing Solutions offers you a one-stop approach that, combined with their digital storefront, streamlines the entire process from printer to mailing house.
Additionally, Toppan Vite’s traditional financial printing services include the industry’s only auto-pagination feature within a single source typesetting environment. This streamlined business model enables drastically accelerated filing timelines. Their expanding operations, including company-owned conference, printing and fulfillment facilities house skilled subject matter experts for typesetting, design, translation, EDGAR, XBRL, print, e-delivery, mail and fulfillment.
Toppan Vite’s team, comprised of standout industry experts, have a depth of practical know-how and decades of experience working with corporate issuers, legal and banking advisors, mutual fund companies and private equity firms. The team is empowered to make decisions, give client’s technology options, and solve pain points. Our clients speak directly to subject-matter experts who work with our production team to answer technology questions and deliver on projects in an accurate and efficient manner. Toppan Vite does not rely on a complex patchwork of legacy systems – the team is motivated by technology and continuously looks for ways to improve the precision and efficiency of client projects.
Jeffrey Riback, President of Toppan Vite New York
Toppan Vite New York President Jeffrey Riback is a business leader and innovator with three decades of experience in financial printing. Previously, he was a Principal and CEO of Data Communiqué International, which he transformed into a technology-driven solutions provider of automated publishing, content management, and document distribution services for banking, investment company, insurance and healthcare clients. Prior to that, he was Senior Vice President of Sales and Operations for RR Donnelley’s Capital Markets Division, where he was responsible for managing global sales, printing and production services organization while overseeing the execution of some of the largest deals in the history of the financial printing industry.
Toppan Vite’s March into the Future
The technology solutions offered by Toppan Vite give the clients a robust platform for faster, better service, simplifying the process of creating, managing and revising their documents. In the future, Toppan Vite will continue to develop SaaS offerings for self-service, automation and collaboration. As technology leaders in the financial printing industry, they are constantly working on providing new SaaS offerings for the clients.
“We are excited about how technology can help get the job done faster, more accurately and cost-effectively,” said Toppan Vite New York President Jeffrey Riback.
“Technology has enabled corporations, investment companies, mutual funds, annuities and insurance firms to automate processes and gain efficiencies. To effectively manage content, we must maximize efficiencies, preserve regulatory and brand integrity, and ultimately save money. This approach has had tremendous benefits for both corporations and the individual investor.” -Toppan Vite President Jeffrey Riback.