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Top ten shops selling iPhone 13 5G series in Singapore

The iPhone 13 is the thirteenth iteration of Apple’s iconic smartphone. The phone that will be released in September this year has been unofficially dubbed as the iPhone X, and it is expected to overcome the issues faced by its predecessors, such as a scratched glass back and internal cracks due to temperature changes.

The iPhone 13 will come with a ~6.1-inch LED display with a resolution of 326ppi, a dual 12MP+12MP wide camera system, and a 7MP front camera. To learn more about the phone’s features, visit here

There are ten shops selling the iPhone 13 in Singapore, which includes authorized agents and resellers who have been granted exclusive rights to sell Apple products.

In a time when Apple fans have an insatiable desire to buy the latest version of the iPhone, many people are on a quest to find a trusted store that sells quality products at a fair price. People want the best deals possible, and they trust these shops because of their reputation.

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Mobile Air

Mobile Air is one of Singapore’s leading sellers of Apple products, including new and refurbished iPhone 13 handsets. This retailer offers free shipping on all orders over $24.95, so you get your purchase for less without having to pay extra. You can even get a refund on your phone if you choose to return it within 30 days after receiving it.

Mobile Air has a huge range of phones in stock, from the latest iPhone 13 to older models.


i-Wireless is a shop that focuses on offering customers affordable options for their phone needs. They offer competitive prices, and you can choose between a brand new or refurbished iPhone 13 in an assortment of colors, including black, silver, and gold.

Cellular Showroom

Cellular Showroom bridges the gap between finding a reliable iPhone seller online and getting a genuine product that you can trust at affordable rates. You can choose from a number of guaranteed refurbished iPhones 13 in new condition with up to 32GB storage capacity. Their prices start from $11 a month, which is a great deal for anyone looking to purchase this model.

Showcase Wireless

Another trusted store that focuses primarily on Apple products is Showcase Wireless. Customers love the variety of options available from this seller because they have refurbished iPhone 13 models as well as new ones and can choose between 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB storage capacities. This shop also has the option to buy used phones at competitive prices.


Mobile phone company Perxplus is an experienced seller that has been in operation for over three years, so customers know they are getting a reliable service from this retailer. They have refurbished models available, and you can choose between black and silver iPhones 13. Their prices start from $29 a month and include free shipping and a screen protector.


Wintech is one of the most popular shops for Apple products in Singapore because they offer used iPhones as well as new ones. Customers enjoy knowing that they can access iPhone 13 models at low rates, and they also love the fact that this retailer has a trusted reputation. They offer refurbished iPhones as well as new ones, and you can choose between black and gold colors for your model.

Cell first

Cell first is a reliable source for quality goods at affordable prices, including the iPhone 13. If you want a new phone with 32GB of storage, then their prices start from $26 a month for 12 months. They also offer used iPhones at low rates if that is more affordable for you.


Qisahn offers reliable mobile phones and other products from trusted brands, including Apple’s s iPhone 13 model. This retailer has a wide range of new and refurbished iPhones for sale, and you can choose between 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB models. A new iPhone with this storage capacity starts from $27 a month.