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Top Practices to Take Your User Experience to the Next Level

Your website can be the strongest marketing tool in your arsenal. A website is a 24/7 salesman. As such, if you own a website, make it the centerpiece of your marketing efforts. Customers visiting your business through the website will base their impressions on their experience. So it is very important to give your customers the best user experience(UX). After all, the duration of time customers will spend on your website will depend on their user experience.

UX Design

User Experience Design is a technique to raise customer satisfaction. This is done by improving accessibility, usability, and efficiency of user interaction with your site. The bottom line is that UX design makes your website easier to use.

It focuses on improving the customer experience of using the products you trade. Here the product does not simply refer to physical goods that you sell. But rather, all the content that you create and reach the customer is considered to be a product. This is precisely what UX design tries to improve.

For a website, a good UX design will allow users to visit all parts of the website conveniently. They’ll be able to tell exactly how to reach a certain section at one glance. Here are some ways in which you can take your user experience to the next level.

IP Geolocation

IP geolocation allows you to know the rough location of your customers. Detecting this can be vital to many businesses. It allows customers to find products that are relevant to them and in their area. An IP geolocation tool doubles with click fraud prevention software will not only improve user experience but will also help you identify your target audience. Make sure you thoroughly research before you buy one, as some are simply better than others.

Improve Page Speed

The page speed is the time taken by a website to load a webpage. It is important to consider that not everyone has a high internet speed. Many areas severely lack proper internet facilities. This is why it is important to improve the page speed of your website. Make a minimum benchmark for your webpage to load. This will ensure that even areas with low-speed internet can get the best experience.

UX Analysis and Audit

If you are looking to improve your UX, you first need to know what to improve on. If you can’t analyze your problems, then you are unlikely to accurately gauge if you are improving or not. Take some time out to analyze the key metrics of your site,e.g., Audit sales, time spent on a page, conversion rate, bounce rate, etc. Without this data, your efforts are likely to be in vain.

Use Plenty of White Space 

One of the most basic and easy ways to enhance the design of your website. White space is the space sound page elements like titles, texts, and images. Effective use of white space can breathe new life into your design. White spaces help draw the user’s attention and make it clear how to delve further. It makes your website look clean and polished. The space does not necessarily have to be white though that is the most common color.

Make a Mobile-friendly Website

The majority of internet traffic comes from mobile users. If you haven’t optimized your website for mobile, bounce rates are likely to shoot up. By not making it mobile-friendly, you are shutting the door on potential customers. The thing to keep in mind is to ensure that users can interact with the whole interface with a single hand.

Maintain Consistency

Make sure your website is consistent throughout. Users should be able to move effortlessly from one aspect to another. A clear design framework lets the users get what they want easily. Consistency sustains performance. You need to think through the mind of the user. Understand what they are going to do on a step-by-step basis. Make sure that the journey from the entry point to the end target is a smooth one.

Don’t Overload Ads

Ads are a simple and easy way to monetize your work. Allowing ads on your website lets you increase your income. However, they are also the one aspect that users can absolutely hate. Often they will keep popping up incessantly, therefore, ruining the user experience. You don’t necessarily need to block them out. Just be sure to use them cautiously. One way is to limit the ad space per page.


The key to a good UX design is to always keep on improving. Time waits for no one. What may have been considered a good design will likely be outdated next year. Just be sure to remember the principles behind enhancing user experience. A well-designed UX is all about taking the user to their desired stop while pushing down everything else that stands in their way. And while the principle is easy to comprehend, its practice can be quite difficult to execute.