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Top Online Study Guides

Are you a college student determined to improve your understanding of a concept and eventually perform exceptionally well in your classes? If that is the case, I have compiled reliable online study guides that will make learning and aid you in studying adequately.


College studies involve tons of study material on different concepts; organizing them can be a task. Therefore, you could hire help from a paper writer service. Nonetheless, the Notetaking software could help you manage your notes depending on what you want to do:


With Evernote, you can capture pictures, texts, sound, or video recordings. You can also bookmark specific areas for future reference. With such features, the tool is reliable for anyone studying online.

Evernote App

Do you want an app that is compatible with mobile phones and tablets? Then, this is the right tool you can utilize anytime and anywhere, as long as you have a smartphone.


Use this app used to write or draw on your tablet.


Sometimes we need to add symbols to digital presentations. Worry not because this app will enable you to do that with ease.

Zoho Notebook

Zoho is an online service with live pages and provides access to multiple people at a go. Individuals can form groups and interact through this platform when discussing their coursework.


Sometimes, academic data can be cumbersome. This app allows cloud storage. Individuals can access it through a computer.

The EverNote software allows book creators to add content while book viewers access and, if permitted, edit the study material.


Besides buying coursework, flashcards are helpful study material, especially if you wish to test how much you have memorized a concept. Sometime back, individuals would use traditional flashcards. With the advancement in tech, individuals can now access digital alternatives:


This site allows individuals to import data saved in Google drive when creating flashcards.


StudyBlue offers free-editable flashcards. Students can access this from their smartphones or tablets when studying.


Do you find it easier to study by testing yourself with quizzes? Quizlet offers access to user-generated quizzes in flashcards. It is perfect for use when preparing for an exam.

Top Online Study Guides

Online Study Group

Working in groups allows individuals to exchange ideas with their mates. Finally, various platforms like papers master enable students to interact with expert writers and easily exchange study materials. With such help, scholars can boost their grades.


Chegg is a crowdsourcing site allowing users to ask questions and quickly receive answers. Another advantage of this site is that you can access over 2,500 textbooks for college. This one enables you to research and provide relevant backup data for your college assignments.

Open Courseware

Online scholarly assistants also offer free mini-classes tailor-made for specific subjects. They offer a better chance to explore academic coursework databases. Check out these platforms:

Khan Academy       

Do you want to pursue a mathematics, computing, economics, science, humanities, or finance course? Khan Academy has your back. Their platform provides worthy academic data to boost your understanding.

Open Study

Open Study is a site that specializes in sizeable online study groups. Individuals can request live guidance for complex subjects from experts. Students can interact through a live session, ask questions and receive feedback ASAP from others. Meanwhile, can help you improve your study skills, and you’ll be able to help other students prosper when interacting online.


edX contains coursework from well-performing organizations like Harvard University, the University of California, MIT, and the University of Chicago, among many others. The platform holds over 400 tutors to guide scholars. It has over 150 academic courses you can study and receive a certificate for completion afterward. You need more than attending classes to perform exceptionally well in college. Sometimes, it requires more effort to gain and master concepts outside what you learn in class. Therefore, the options highlighted above aim to ensure you have access to study material away. They also allow you to engage with other students and share ideas; hence, it is a significant step in helping you understand concepts better.

The aforementioned online study platforms and options might look and sound lucrative. However, they are favorable for complementing your coursework, not replacing it. For instance, refrain from missing the actual classes in the name of attending sessions on these platforms. It might cost you, mainly because curriculums vary depending on your college. At the same time, refrain from being tempted to copy answers or study materials from these platforms since it also amounts to plagiarism. Instead, utilize the options provided to understand concepts better and connect with students in your field.

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