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Top 6 Mavens of Mobile Device Management Solution

Mobile device management (MDM)

While the whip is on, within the technological organizations, how has the customer progressed, in the salvo of new technology? Just look at the potentials before us today roughly, we would not have possibly fantasized even at the turn of the millennium. The leap of revolution has been blinding. The nature of technology itself has experienced a makeover – it is not elongated just as a ‘device’, separating us all as consumers with a sense of breathlessness and anticipation.
Mobile device management (MDM) is a sort of security software used by an IT department to watch, manage and secure employees’ mobile devices that are arrayed across multiple mobile service providers and transversely multiple mobile operating systems being used in the organization.
“The era of fully supporting company-owned devices is giving way to an era of managed diversity in which tiered support for employee-owned, consumer-class devices is the norm. With the unabated growth of consumerization, IT leaders need to implement MDM to manage corporate and employee-owned devices, and assign employee-owned consumer-class devices, and assign responsibilities inside IT departments for the service, application, and security of all these devices.” – Terrence Cosgrove, Gartner
Mobile device management software is often pooled with additional security services and tools such as Mobile Application Management to create a comprehensive mobile device and security Enterprise Mobility Management solution.
An organization must impose amalgamated security policy that integrates control and the ability to remotely deal with all the supported devices. The doles of implementing Mobile device management include:
Remotely sustenance all employees owned and company owned devices.  Support and apprises can be done over the air (OTA), thus aiding employee’s freedom with corporate backing.

  1. It has the knack to remotely wipe or clean, lost or stolen devices. The Mobile device management platform will allow security teams to swiftly remove confidential corporate information from lost devices, irrespective of location.
  2. Control and direct what applications are permitted and which are constrained. Remote monitoring of mobile devices will endure In order to ensure corporate security is not threatened by unauthorized apps.
  3. Maintain a comprehensive record of user device statistics. Employee usage statistics can be very constructive when reviewing employees for performance, productivity, cost, or admonishment.
  4. Ability to automatically push software updates to devices remotely. Devices can be automatically and homogeneously be updated without encumbering on employee’s time. Ensuring employee devices are password shielded.  MDM aids security teams to remotely accomplish passwords to ensure that evidence is protected at all times.
  5. Employees can choose their own device of liking. Staffs operating their device of choice are more likely to enjoy working on it. Compelling a particular device, such as a BlackBerry, may hamper productivity.
  6. Diminish employee downtime and cost per user. Since security and updates are managed over the air, employees are not bothered with schedule impositions.

It is factual that instigating MDM can require noteworthy efforts.  However, as part of a larger data strategy MDM can bring substantial benefit. Mobile device management software is obligatory for companies that want to inspire more productivity and provide an apt level of security.

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                                                                                                            -Yogishwini C. Solanki