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Top 4 Ways You Can Use Twitter Chats To Gain Online Business Exposure

With over 326 million average monthly users, Twitter has been ranked as the fifth most powerful social networking platform.

No wonder why Twitter chats are often called the gold mine of opportunities for businesses planning to gain online exposure. Twitter chats are recurring, scheduled conversations that usually revolve around specific hashtags. It begins with a single broad topic, and specific sub-topics are chosen when the chat day arrives.

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Hosting a Tweeter chat helps you bring your potential and existing client base together. It’s an excellent technique to engage and build a deeper relationship with your clients. You can also answer questions as a Twitter chat guest about your area of expertise to boost your brand authority. So, let’s check out the top four ways you can use Twitter chats to generate quality leads for your business.

  1. Follow the right format& understand the audience

The most common format of a Twitter chat is a question and answer session. The session usually lasts for an hour. It can be moderated by other contributors on a monthly or weeklybasis. You must follow the format of the moderator or organisation that runs the chat. Check out the types of questions they have asked in the past. Search the chat hashtag on Twitter to review past conversations and the thread of replies.
Participate in the chat only if:

  • The chats stay on topic. The topic should be relevant to your market niche and target audience.
  • There are thought-provoking questions. You should be able to showcase your area of expertise as you answer those questions.
  • Participation is top-notch. Think of participating in the chat if you find the valuable engagement of your target audience with that Twitter chat thread.

Let’s say you offer essay writing services to students. You follow a Twi-tter chat session that talks about the challenges faced by students while writing essays. All the replies revolve around this same topic. So, that’s a good time for you to talk about genuine academic challenges and how architecture dissetation  can help the students. Twit-ter chats are not about selling anything. Thus, make sure you keep your tone unbiased and neutral.

  1. Pick the perfect Twitter chats for marketing purposes

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Participating in engaging Twi-tter chats can help you grow your followers to a considerable extent. However, involvement with the wrong chats can put a bad impression on your followers. So, you must choose the right Twi-tter chat to reach your marketing goals successfully. Your ideal Twi-tter chat would be the one that interests you the most and aligns with your business goals. Check out this Tweet Report to identify the trending Twi-tter chat hashtags, topics, descriptions and moderators.
Here is a list of Twitter chats every marketer should join:

  • Wednesday at 8 p.m. EST
    Hashtag: #SmallBizChat
    Topics: Interviews with a small business expert on issues related to running and growing a small business

HubSpot, for example,hosts a weekly Twi-tter chat on inbound marketing. You can participate in this chat session if your business develops inbound marketing campaigns for its target audience. Whole Foods hosts a weekly Twitter chat that discussed all kinds of foods. So, you can use this chat session to talk about the dishes your restaurant specialises in.

  1. Stay ahead of everyone in the thread of replies

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It takes only an hour for thousands of Twitter chats to respond to a question posed by the Twitter chat host. Thus, it is easy to get lost in the sea of Tweets if you aren’t careful enough. You got to stay ahead of everybody’s replies and questions in the thread if you want your target audience to notice you. So, search the chat’s hashtag on Twi-tter five or ten minutes before the Twi-tter chat start time. This will help you reply to the chats right from the beginning. You can also use the ‘Live’ feed to get up-to-the-minute Tweets without skipping any past conversations.
Two other ways to stay on top of the questions and replies:

  • Use a separate Browser Window to view the Notifications forthe Twitter chats. Thus, it will be easier to respond to any conversation where you are concerned.
  • There are several tools that can help you stay updated with replies on your Twitter chat. These tools will also add the hashtag at the end of your response automatically. The most common tools are TweetChat,, Twubs, Nurph, etc.

These tools will let you answer the questions from the hosts on time. Itwill also notify you when other users mention your name in the comments. The best thing about Twitter chats is that it encourages networking among people who have similar interests. You can also build a solid rapport with your target audience if you can reply to their questions or acknowledge their replies right on time.

  1. Choose an appropriate hashtag

Twitter chat is the logical extension of hashtag marketing. Thus, the success of your Twitter chat depends mostly on the hashtag you choose. In the case of Twitter chats, your hashtag represents your brand. Your hashtag is how your target clients will find you on Twitter and engage with your chats. You may attract the wrong audience if you choose the wrong hashtag for your Twitter chat. Also, you need to use the same hashtag every time you host a chat. So, make sure it provides a consistent experience to your users.
Some tips for setting a hashtag:

  • Hashtags use a considerable character space from each Tweet. So, make sure it is short and concise so that you have enough characters left for your main Tweet.
  • It should be branded and memorable. Your followers should be able to recall the hashtag immediately as they join the chat.
  • Users love original hashtags. Moreover, you don’t want to compete with anyone over hashtags, do you? So, research thoroughly on Twitter and major search engines to ensure that your hashtag is 100% original.

Let’s say you want to host a Twitter chat to discuss advanced spell checker , and you use #technologiesandinnovations to start the chat. Technologies and innovations can mean anything from AI to machine learning. Your users may not be interested in spell checkers under the category of technologies. So, you have to be more specific when using hashtags for Twitter chats.
Wrapping Up,
Twitter chat is the best way to gain quality, new leads for your online business. It also helps you earn the trust of your potential clients by demonstrating your knowledge to the users on Twitter. Engaging in Twitter chats can also help you understand the trending needs and demands of your target audience so that you can cater to their interests better.
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