Cover Story

Apostle Fred Osei Annin | Founder & CEO | Action Plus Foundation

Apostle Fred Annin: Changing the Lives of People Living With HIV/AIDS

HIV has always been high in the African communities because of ignorance and lack of knowledge about the facts and the mode of transmission of […]

Project Listings

Edwin Bessant, CEO of Ceuta Group
Edwin Bessant: Leading With Courage, Tenacity, and Diligence

Setting up and starting a business sound like an easy task, but even after having a highly successful and lucrative corporate job, it is not […]

Mohammed Mubin Mallick, CEO of Kiran Smart
Mohammed Mubin Mallick: A Doyen in the Field of Robotics

Since decades, technological advancements have been assisting humans in almost every sphere of their lives. Even in this pandemic situation, technology didn’t fail to offer […]

Caroline Lafferty, Founder & CEO of CaliCoin
Caroline Lafferty: The Entrepreneur at the Intersection of Cryptocurrency and Animal Advocacy

The foundation of humanity has always been helping each other. There are people, and certainly animals, who are less fortunate than us. Animal-based charities are […]

Mr. Sami Sharif: An Embodiment of a Proven Leadership

The pioneering leadership is a combination of exemplary skills, abilities and talents. To lead organization successfully, it is essential for leaders to have good amount […]

Thomas Shivers, CEO of FourStone Partners
Thomas Shivers: A Relentless Leader with a Progressive Approach

Relentless leaders set directions to make ideas into reality. They focus on producing ideas that have practical implications for them. What makes them stand out […]

Christopher Amos | CEO & Chief Digital Architect | No Boundaries Marketing Group
Christopher Amos: A Profound Trailblazer Offering Marketing Solutions for Micro-Enterprises

Have you ever wondered while enjoying a scoop of the dessert that you wanted to try while relaxing on your couch what made you choose […]

Thomas Bock, the MD, MBA & CEO of Notable
Thomas A. Bock: A Recognized Life-Science Leader Developing a New Class of Oncology Medicines

Recent advances in science and technology have resulted in a new era of more targeted therapies for many diseases. These advances have materialized for patients, […]

Jude Gomes | Chief Executive Officer | Union Assurance PLC
Jude Gomes of Union Assurance: Protecting Lifestyles, Dreams, and Ambitions of Sri Lankans

In a pandemic-ridden environment that was uncertain, complex, and fast-evolving, a handful of organizations have shown true resilience and business success in 2020 under the […]