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Yogev Shelly | Founder & CEO | TinyTap

TinyTap: Limitless Interactive Learning for Kids Worldwide

The complexity, fragmentation and long sale cycles, made it hard for companies to deploy and sell to the educational systems. Hence, a new era of ed-tech companies dawned, which focused on perfecting the learning experience at home and getting the traditional educational system out of the equation. The recent developments in ed-tech have brought massive changes in the stagnant field of the traditional education system.
Enter TinyTap, an award-winning educational platform, that enables limitless learning for children by giving them access to over 150,000 interactive games created by top educators worldwide.
The Erudite Leader
Yogev Shelly, the Founder, and CEO of TinyTap is a passionate designer and developer with vast experience in application design. He received his B. Des. from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design.
Yogev founded, an Interactive Studio that worked with startups such as JVP, PLYMedia, and Eye-Click. He later joined (acquired by KiK) as the 4th member and worked as a Client Developer and UX Director.
In 2012 he founded TinyTap with a passion, as he was looking for an interactive experience for his father who was diagnosed with dementia. The company later changed course by building interactive learning activities for teachers in elementary schools around the world. In 2017 the company pivoted again to its current offering, which gives kids across the world access to an interactive learning experience.
The Exclusive Offerings for Customers
TinyTap enables limitless learning for kids by offering over 150,000 interactive games tailored by teachers worldwide in a myriad of subjects and in over 24 languages. The platform empowers teachers to easily create educational games or activities for their students and allows them to share these games for free or as premium content in the TinyTap marketplace app and web portal.
Parents can subscribe and get unlimited educational games in a large variety of topics like math, ABCs, social skills, nature, to even recycling, and get the best learning experience and education for their kids.
By using state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms they can offer kids a unique, optimized learning experience with personalized recommendations based on their level, needs, and interests. In addition, the team, alongside top educators, crafted a unique personalized learning plan for each age group, that gives parents peace of mind that their children will learn what they need to be in the top of their class.
Unlike other solutions, TinyTap is the only interactive cross-language, multiple topics – single subscription app. The app is built for young kids, giving them a safe ad-free environment with curated content and a unique child-friendly navigation, which allows them to play more independently.
The app also allows parents to download activities to play offline, the option to assign activities to their child, and a “parents dashboard” where they can track their progress and get personalized reports and recommendations.
Strategies for Standing out
At TinyTap, they are using technology to continuously move with the changing needs and requirements of the parents and their kids. The latest change in the company’s product-focus and business-model was made in 2017, which dedicates their efforts to fit young children and implement personalized content suggestions as a core part of the TinyTap experience.
The company conducts a lot of qualitative and quantitative research to better understand its customers and meet the ever-changing needs in the market. They use their user research to try different experiments to find the best solutions that will meet their customer’s expectations.
Surpassing the Odds
TinyTap’s users are primarily young children between the ages of 2-8, most of them don’t have a personal device. Thus the company’s biggest challenge is getting the parents encouraged to give their kids’ the device to play and learn.
The company sees that its unique interactive learning experience touches a real pain point in the passive screen world and offers a great solution to the increasing amount of parents that are concerned with their kids’ screen time.
The Future Ahead
In the next few months, TinyTap will continue to perfect its experience in the product with more AI capabilities so that children will have the optimal, more personalized content available to them.
The company also plans to expand itself to additional ecosystems and more languages while sustaining its vibrant community of teachers and educators that create new games and activities for the kids every day.