Tindo: Making Security Possible

In today’s business climate, every minute counts. Managing IT services can be time-consuming and often frustrating. With winning IT security solutions, Tindo is here to help. The company delivers quality services in the most efficient way, and its experts will work collaboratively with customers to customize its offerings to their particular needs.

“A leading system integrator, driven to make security possible in an ever-changing landscape.

Since Tindo’s inception, it has delivered successful programs for many Enterprise Customers, Financial Institutes & Government Agencies, and growing the solution footprints alongside their business expansion. With modern businesses valuing efficiency and speed, it also helps clients streamline operational tasks through automation, enabling them to focus resources on less mundane tasks and redirect them to their core business.
How it Started
Barney Chan’s co-founder – Terence, and Barney first met when they were colleagues in a security software company, where they worked with many organizations in addressing the cybersecurity challenges. Throughout the years, they noticed that one of the biggest barriers to adoption arises from the fear of integration complexity and trained resources. This was during an era where cybersecurity was gaining importance with the explosion of connected devices and users, both on-prem and on the cloud. While they realized they can resolve targeted cybersecurity requirements as a software vendor, they wanted to contribute more to ease customer’s adoption process and play a bigger role in nurturing like-minded young talents for the future. Driven by this shared passion, they co-founded Tindo in 2013 as a cybersecurity system integrator.
Ability to Customise & Automate
When Tindo first started in 2013 with a small 2-man team, it needed to be very focused and pivoted its solutions into only a few key pillars, one of them being Identity and Access Management (IAM). Tindo’s suite of IAM solutions includes Privilege Access Management, Governance, MultiFactor Authentication, Zero-Trust, and Password-less Technologies. The company prides itself on the ability to customise and automate such solutions to integrate with its customer’s unique environment, which is always the key to any successful implementation of Identity Security programs. Maximising the customers’ returns on investment by proactively leveraging new technologies to enhance their deployed solutions is also one reason why customers choose to engage Tindo in a long-term partnership.
A Holistic Platform
Tindo offers a holistic platform to support customer’s cybersecurity initiatives from design to operations. Today, it has grown into a team of 30 with an expanded portfolio of solutions, but IAM continues to be the core business pillar, with expanded use cases to support new technologies such as DevOps, AI, RPA, etc. The company prides itself on technical competencies that are backed by a team of certified and experienced professionals, with the ability to understand customer requirements, provide consultation in solution architecting, integrated delivery, and consistent quality support throughout the operational lifecycle.
Trusted Provider for any Cybersecurity
Having worked with customers from various sectors, with each having unique industry or business-specific requirements, Tindo always starts its customer journey by understanding both their internal and external considerations that govern the success of their cybersecurity initiatives – including business goals, security team, IT operations, regulatory, etc. For customers, having a trusted provider who works with them to understand their business is crucial for any cybersecurity initiatives. The company’s relationship with its customers is nurtured on the basis of a long-term partnership, and even in such uncertain times, it remains true to its core beliefs and continues to focus on its customers and making their needs the company’s priority.
A Sharp & Focused Mind
Mr. Barney Chan is the CTO and Co-Founder of Tindo Pte Ltd and has over 15 years of Technical and Pre-Sales experience in the Information Technology sector. He oversees Tindo Group’s technology strategy and roadmap. With his deep industry experience and leveraging on leading technologies, Barney works extensively with commercial, government, and leading financial institutions to improve cybersecurity posture.
Prior to founding Tindo, Barney was the Senior SE in CyberArk Software Ltd and had previously worked in organizations such as Quantiq International and VASCO. He holds a degree in Bank and Finance from the University of London and a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Wales and is also CISSP certified since 2007. His vision for Tindo is to be the leading cybersecurity System Integrator in ASEAN.
Testimonials: “Through Tindo, we have been able to continuously modernize our digital identity infrastructure and securely access and navigate the connected world.”
“Due to Tindo’s familiarity of Privilege Access Management features and functions, the project team designed customised plugins for the product to work seamlessly in our organization’s sophisticated and complex IT infrastructure.”
“The project’s completion ahead of its scheduled timeline was attributed to the team’s expertise and effort. We are a satisfied customer and entrust Tindo with the responsibility to implement the access management solution in our overseas operations in Asia.”