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Time to Unlock New Business Opportunities with Oracle

The world is undergoing some massive changes day-by-day, and the world of technology is changing even faster than that. Some amazing features adding up with the Oracle Solutions are spicing up the business opportunities that one might look for. Businesses and entrepreneurs are not just focusing on delivering qualitative products, but as the competition is rising now and then, they are focusing on providing something which is better than others. After all, the theory of Charles Darwin applies here too, that is “Survival of the fittest.” The better the service one provides, the more that company survives in the industry.
Experts say that by gaining new data-driven insights and to drive actions from the data of Internet of Things (IoT), it will allow the business to deliver innovative and unique services faster than the competitors and that too with less risk. It’s time that every company should start focusing on building and maintaining a secure connection, analyze and integrate real-time IoT data at a proper scale among the devices connected and the applications involved in the workflow of the enterprise.
As per recent reports, Oracle has added some enhancements to its Cloud platform for integrating and simplifying management of on-premises, cloud-based, mobile or IoT applications and services across a business. The Senior Vice-President of Cloud Platform and Integration Products at Oracle said, “To stay competitive, organizations need to rethink API management and service integration across cloud, mobile and IoT initiatives. With Oracle Cloud Platform’s comprehensive suite of integrated services, we can help our customers increase business agility by improving productivity, lowering costs, and ultimately accelerating innovation.”
This cloud service of Oracle is one such feature which offers businesses to gain perceptions by helping them to connect and collect data from their devices. With this fantastic feature, enterprises can save time, perform real-time and make a projecting analysis in the IoT data streams and that too while integrating the data of IoT with business applications. Apparently, the Oracle mentioned some of its popular cloud services as pre-built integration which includes Oracle SaaS and Oracle PaaS applications.
With Oracle, businesses get a complete package of cloud solutions which includes both on-premise and cloud services. It has an extraordinary cloud service which offers Oracle Integration Cloud services and only by using intuitive GUI, the enterprise can create SaaS-to-SaaS and also SaaS-to-on-premises integrations. Oracle is one such platform which enables its customers to use already loaded connections on all their Oracle SaaS application subscriptions. It offers enterprises to publish integrations as APIs for external use and only by using an Open Adapter SDK. Another interesting feature which is provided by this cloud service provider is Oracle API, and it manages API security and provides API analytics.
Some of the new ventures which the software companies and the tech giants are currently exploring are cloud analytics and Internet of Things. These are the two major sectors which are opening up new doors to these companies and giving them the chances to innovate. Reports indicated that SAP alone is looking to make the most of the enormous IoT market and the estimate lies between $300 billion to $7 trillion. Though there is a huge disparity between the minimum and maximum estimates and they are meeting extreme limits, there is no doubt that IoT is the next biggest thing in the world of technology and its market.
Researchers mentioned that both the market of IoT and analytics are currently untapped and it offers immense opportunities for businesses to achieve. It is touched by only some of the major names in the industry like SAP and Salesforce. Though these are some of the biggest competitors of Oracle Corp, still Oracle is picking up the pace in this market and building a new empire in the industry. The prime focus of Oracle remains in the cloud computing market.
The industry has witnessed some of the leading tech giants like Microsoft and Amazon to provide Hadoop and analytics services like HD Insights for Microsoft Azure and Elastic MapReduce for Amazon AWS. But Oracle made similar approaches and the technologists at the company are taking to the base Infrastructure-as-a-Service layer. The additional benefits that Oracle is offering are their features allowing its customers to consume Hadoop and data lake functionality as their managed services and exposition through APIs which enables them to have a more abstracted approach ultimately allowing the consumers to scale the ups and downs of the services elastically. It also offers the lower first price-points to startups enabling them to create their data storage platform on the cloud and that too without any approval requirements.  What more the service provider is offering is a new looking UX which is showing its improvements day-by-day especially in matters of Oracle Forms and Java applets while viewing on the browser.