You are currently viewing There is a subreddit to curb the coronavirus Panic and Anxiety.

There is a subreddit to curb the coronavirus Panic and Anxiety.

Coronavirus panic has struck the world and it would be long before it completely diminishes. There have been numerous online news and live portals who have been providing the public with all the live updates. With the increasing number of fallen people all around the world, it is rather normal to have panicky and anxious thoughts. There have been numerous online support groups that have been helping people deal with the situation at hand.
Subreddit had been providing news and other live information to their audiences. Now they have begun to spread emotional support too. The government has laid out lockdowns all over the world and have been stating that everything would be alright if everyone just followed the protocols. The thing that has been stressing people out more than the virus itself is, how to survive a pandemic. They aren’t used to such crisis situations and hence they don’t really know how to function in this situation.
As people have now begun spending a lot of time online, they have more help to crisis avert helplines and other pages that help contain the situation. Thr working class has been dealing with financial issues, emi, loan etc. There was a need for such pages and websites for emotionally supporting people in their time of need. Subreddit has done so efficiently.