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The Strange Habits of The Super-Successful

Billionaires and ultra-successful business people are just as human as the rest of us. They were born the same way we were. They breathe the same air as we do, and one day they’ll die just like the rest of us too. It’s what they achieve during their working lives that makes them appear so very different from the average person, but in reality, there’s nothing they do that we couldn’t in the majority of cases. For the most part, their success is down to hard work, consistency, a positive mindset, and some applied knowledge. The occasional spark of genius doesn’t hurt either.

Many people ask themselves what makes successful people ‘tick,’ as if understanding their motivations might make it easier to emulate them. There are many possible answers to that question because habits vary from person to person, but we’re aware of a few habits that the super-successful have that the average person probably doesn’t. In some cases, there might be a connection between the habits they pick up and the success they go on to enjoy. If you’re interested in what some of the world’s richest and most respected business leaders make a habit out of, we’re here to shed some light on the issue.

We’re not going to tell you that picking up these habits will make you successful. The world of business isn’t that easy to conquer. However, we will explain how these habits might become part of a successful lifestyle and a positive approach to both life and work. Read on and enjoy!

Using A Rocking Chair

There have been few success stories of the past five decades bigger than that of Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. He went from being a stereotypical college nerd with an interest in computers to becoming the richest man in the world and ushering in the computer age in the workplace.

According to him, one of the secrets of his success is owning a rocking chair and rocking himself in it gently when he feels stressed or overwhelmed. He says it helps him to disconnect for a few moments, refocus, and find his inner peace. A psychologist might tell you that it subconsciously reminds him of being rocked by his mother, thus reminding him of the time in his life he felt the most safe and secure. Either way, if it works for him, there’s no reason why it can’t and shouldn’t work for you.


This might sound counter-intuitive, and the example we’re about to use is counter-intuitive too but bear with us on this. Richard Nixon was a huge gambler, and although his time in office ended in disgrace, he still became President of the United States of America. He funded almost all of his political campaigns through gambling. This isn’t to say that you should immediately open an account with an online-slots website. There are such things as a good gamble and a bad gamble, and although it’s certainly possible to win money through popular online slots like the very famous Starburst slot game, you shouldn’t take such a reckless approach to your business life because you have no control over the way a spin might turn out with online slots.

Nixon made his money through poker, and he was tremendously gifted at it. The lesson you can take from this is learning the difference between a poker gamble and an online slots gamble. No successful person got anywhere without taking a few risks on the way, so knowing when it’s appropriate to take those risks and gamble on success is a vital skill to learn.

Getting Cold in The Morning

The first couple of hours of each day are generally wasted. We spend that time trying to shake off the cobwebs of sleep, and we’re not at our most productive. Imagine how much more we could get done in an average day if we were able to be at our best from the very beginning!

Ben Franklin was a strong advocate of waking himself up with a shock to get his creative juices flowing and reach a state of full lucidity, so he’d start each day with an air bath. He’d open all the windows and then stand in front of them naked for half an hour. By the time he was done with that, he was very much awake and ready to get on with his day! You could probably achieve the same effect by having a cold shower/ice bath. The shock won’t be pleasant, but it will stir your brain into action. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and check out The Pod Company for your ice tub.

Letting It All Out

Don’t ever let anybody tell you that showing your emotions is a weakness. It’s far worse for you to bottle everything up inside until you reach a breaking-point, and you can no longer think straight. If you’re feeling emotional, be emotional. If you have a pressing urge to let it all out, do so. This advice comes from legendary Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, who unashamedly used to cry regularly during both happy times and sad times.

Sometimes he even did so in front of his employees. Having had a good cry, he felt like he’d vented his emotions, and he was able to focus back in on whatever it was he needed to accomplish. Don’t let redundant emotions slow you down by cycling around your head. Let them out when you need to. We’re not sure we’d recommend crying in front of your own employees but do whatever works for you!

Switching Up Your Sleep Pattern

The idea that we need to have one solid eight-hour block of sleep each day is largely a myth. We certainly need several hours of sleep, and our health will suffer if we don’t sleep deeply enough to experience REM sleep, but there’s no hard and fast rule about when that sleep should take place or how much we should have at once.

Nikola Tesla, for example, used to break his sleep up into twenty-minute chunks throughout the day. That’s an extreme example, and we’re sure it wouldn’t work for most people, but if you have things to do and long hours to work, try distributing a few hours here and there. Maybe sleep shorter at night and schedule a nap in the middle of the day. Work your sleep schedule around the tasks that are expected of you. So long as you have a schedule and stick to it, that’s more important than how many hours you’re getting at once.

It’s possible to be successful without following any of these tips, and it’s also possible to be successful without having any unusual habits at all. We present these examples here as a reminder of the eccentric mindsets that highly successful people often have. Deviate from the norm a little, and you might find yourself experiencing ideas that wouldn’t occur to you under normal circumstances.

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