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The Sign: Strategic Branding and Design

In this growing competitive marketplace, customers are generally perceived as predictable, rational decision makers. But research proves that most of the customers or potential customers make choices in an unpredictable irrational pattern. So what determines whether they choose your brand or your competitor’s? This depends on a host of factors, which go beyond the obvious norms like visibility, pricing, brand loyalty etc. These new findings and research are challenging the conventional marketing paradigms and theories. The Sign believes in asking these questions and getting into the world of the consumer.
The Sign combines strategic thinking and emerging technologies to provide innovative design solutions that consistently break new ground and creates design in any form or media that generates value and ROI for the client. The company has won over 10 prestigious international design awards including top honors at Awards, CSS Awards, CSS Light and BEST CSS and featured in 100+ websites that showcased world’s most innovative and creative websites. Few key services of the company are Identity Design, Print Media & Advertising, Integrated Branding Solutions, Packaging Design, Online Communication Strategy, Website Design and Development, Web Content Development.
Ragesh Warrier, CEO, The Sign, leads the design team at The Sign and is responsible for translating consumer research and insights into enriching brand experiences across multiple customer touch points. He has worked for more that decade in the national and international markets and brings on to the table an acute sense of strategy and design. Ragesh is a commercial artist by education and has graduated from Sir. J.J. Institute of Applied Art, Mumbai.
Integrated communication with ROI centric approach
The Sign team delivers communication and design solutions across diverse media. As brands are unique, they provide customized design solutions to suit the short and long term vision of the brand. While the company’s bouquet of services are quite broad, they identify certain medias and services that are best suited to meet the requirements of clients. Company’s result-oriented approach nourishes the brand and lays a solid foundation for all future marketing and sales objectives.
Creating WOW brand experiences!
The Sign is passionate about transforming brands by creating enriching brand experiences. It begins by understanding all the customer touch points of a particular brand. Then the team creates engaging customer experiences at every touch point in harmony with the values of the brand. The Sign has specialized teams that collaborate and deliver result-oriented solutions. Here is where the left-brain thinkers and the right-brain thinkers come together to generate ideas that transforms the customer experience and over a period of time generates ROI for the client.
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