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The importance of technology in marketing Startups

Marketing Startups

In the modern day, technology is all around us. From computers, to phones, to even checking the time on our new smartwatch…this all relies on technology. This is not just the case at home, but in the workplace too. The majority of jobs now require you to have IT skills.
In business, the most common technology used regularly is emails, the Microsoft Office suite (or its Google counterparts), and other documentation software. When it comes to marketing firms, however, technology is arguably even more important.

Converting Target Audience into Customers

Marketing firms are tasked with converting a business’s target audience into new customers. If the marketing firm is a startup, then they also must do this for their own business. For this, social media is key.
There are 3.6 billion users of social networking, and this is predicted to rise to 4.41 billion by 2025. It is also, for the most part, free to use, which is perfect for a business that is just getting started. Using social media successfully is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach potential clients.
Retaining Current Customers

Retaining Current Customers

Another job of the marketing firm is to help businesses retain their current customers and do the same for their business in their own right. For this, there needs to be an emphasis on excellent customer service and communication.
Communication technologies come in a wide variety of packages, but it is important to choose a software which works efficiently. Your business communications system can really increase the performance of your employees if it can streamline multiple communications into one simple action.

Remote Working

If the marketing firm is a fresh-on-the-block startup, it might not have a physical office infrastructure, or just a small office space. Even if you do have a building to house your new firm, employees may frequently visit clients in order to discuss branding and marketing strategies. For this reason, it is important to consider the ease of remote working.
Technology is our friend when it comes to working remotely, as most people nowadays have their own personal computers or laptops, and most phones function as a portable digital notepad. Embracing this technology and enhancing what you already have can allow your employees to work from wherever they are required to, whilst giving a professional image.

How to implement this

So, we have talked about the importance of technology in marketing startups, but how can you put these ideas into place?

  • Update social media regularly. Keep your socials up to date, allowing potential clients to see your details, and also giving them a taste of your talent for social media marketing.
  • Integrate your communications. Allow your employees to communicate effectively and efficiently to improve performance. This will enable them to give the best customer service they can.
  • Market your own business as much as you do your clients’. A marketing startup with a good marketing strategy is all set to go. Potential clients will be able to use the strategies you have put in place for your own company as a portfolio of what you are able to achieve.

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