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The Changing Roads of Education

Technology and the discipline of education have been treading on parallel roads, ceaselessly progressing and transcending into notions that now hold the potential to change the very definition of human evolution.
There have been numerous avenues in the field of education which have provided a path for innovative organizations to tap into a superfluous proportion of resources, which in turn aided the conception of revolutionary platforms and technologies.
A plethora of eLearning platforms have been on the rise, catering to newer generations of young learners and aspiring professionals. From cloud based learning systems to customized content approaches, eLearning platforms have striven to deliver top-notch quality offerings, in lieu of the traditional learning culture and teaching methods.
Taking into consideration this transformation of the education sector, for the better, we at Insights Success, in our journey to seek 2019’s Most Recommended EdTech Companies To Watch, have come across a few significant organizations that have leveraged every opportunity in this domain.
The companies that have been featured in this edition include:
Anak2U, a simple school management system for childcare and early education centres to track a child’s learning in class and report it to  parents. The company revolutionizes the way a report is generated, firstly by making it digital, and then enhancing it by providing recommendation activities to parents, that are auto-generated by the system to ensure that children’s learning does not stop at school.
codeSpark, a venture backed edtech company behind codeSpark Academy, the world’s #1 coding platform for kids ages 4-10. Using a proprietary “no words” interface, codeSpark has introduced more than 30 million kids to coding in just four years. codeSpark was inspired by co-founder Grant Hosford’s young daughters, who wanted to know how computers work. Kids use codeSpark Academy to design and code over 27,000 video games and interactive stories every day.
EtutorWorld which is a leading EdTech company delivering world-class online tutoring services for K-12 and Test Prep. The organization’s mission is to provide top-notch tutoring services combined with affordability and convenience, making it the most sought-after e-learning platform across US and other countries globally.
route2work is a social impact business and a full-service education, qualifications and careers provider. Its primary focus is to get talent into work and in accelerating the careers of those already in work by offering world-class digitized content with vendor-based qualifications, that is industry-standard, and leads to interviews & career progression with their employment partners.
TeenEinstein is a technology company focused on enhancing Math education for kids in United States and worldwide. The company’s AI is being used as the tool in knowledge dissemination by the STEM leaders. Also working towards world’s first high caliber STEM University with access to one all, across the globe, TeenEinstein’s endeavor is to take the STEM education to one and all and make it interesting and that leads to lots of innovation and benefits to the common man.
TinyTap is an award-winning educational platform, that enables limitless learning for children by giving them access to over 150,000 interactive games created by top educators worldwide. The platform empowers teachers to easily create educational games or activities for their students and allows them to share these games for free or as premium content in the TinyTap marketplace app and web portal.
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