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The Best Business Tycoons in the World

Attaining any form of success as an entrepreneur takes unimaginable persistence and tireless hard working efforts; as just like any other empire, companies can come and dissolve at any point in time. Unfortunate as it may be, there isn’t any mystical startup fairy that can sprinkle its magical spices to bestow unparalleled success upon an organization.

Entrepreneurs who have stood out among the millions of its contemporaries, possessed a deep-rooted passion for their idea, a resolute dedication to succeed and a pioneering mind in innovation. Cultivating these innate attributes is what separates a successful entrepreneur from a failure. And then among the thousands of entrepreneurs who have amassed a satisfactory level of success – there stands a few hundreds who can be referred to as “business tycoons.”
After spending an extensive amount of time and effort in research, and taking various significant factors into consideration, we have narrowed down further deep into the pyramid to sort out the five best business tycoon’s across the globe:
Steve Jobs – Apple
The vegan dropout from Reed College who used to intake LSD and traveled to parts of India for spiritual enlightenment, Steve Paul Jobs was one of the greatest businessman and entrepreneur in the history. But, Steve Jobs rise to the pinnacle was neither simple nor straightforward; he had to confront many obstacles and hurdles to become what he eventually did.
He was just at the tender age of 21, when he and Steve Wozniak incepted the “Apple Computer” back in Job’s family garage. It took only a day of trade for Apple to hit a staggering market value of $1.2 billion, thirty-five years later, the company named after a lovable fruit has become one of the most recognized and profitable tech companies in the world.
But things weren’t always fruitful for the inspiring innovator as Steve Jobs was kicked out of the company he founded in the 80s. He eventually returned to the company in the late 90s and swung his magic wand to make it the most valuable company in the world, before succumbing to death due to cancer in 2011.
The business tycoon, who also owned Pixar once, had an estimated net worth of USD 10.2 billion at the time of his death; there’s no prizes for guessing where that value would stand if he were alive today!
Jeff Bezos – Amazon
With a primary focus on accessibility and availability, the hyper-intelligent and ultra-driven individual, Jeff Bezos created and made Amazon the world’s most trusted online store. The American entrepreneur and the E-commerce pioneer is an extremely ambitious and motivated individual who is always on the lookout to push the boundaries of modern technology.
His profound interest in technology and remarkable mechanical talent during his childhood, all assembled together to transform his vision into a reality. After quitting D.E. Shaw in 1994, Jeff moved to Seattle to tap into the oblivious potential of the internet by launching an online bookstore. The decision to sell books was even more advantageous as the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that mail-order catalogs didn’t have to pay taxes back then. Hence, Jeff started his business without paying a single penny for tax.
20 years since then, Amazon now delivers its goods and services to over 16 countries with over 244 million active users worldwide. It should come as no surprise that for a little period Jeff Bezos even surpassed Bill Gates to become the richest person in the world. Currently, the business tycoon’s net worth stands at USD 83.7 million.
Howard Schultz – Starbucks
30 years ago, Schultz came into the coffee industry with a single goal in mind; to strengthen the relationship between the people and coffee. The American entrepreneur has transformed Starbucks into one of the largest coffee store chains in the world and has triggered a new-found love for coffee in the hearts of millions.
Initially started as a coffee shop in Seattle, named ‘Il Giornale,’ the place was a great success and facilitated the expansion and integration of the brand named Starbucks. Today, there are over 21,000 Starbucks coffee chains across 65 countries, and the company’s valuation is an astronomical number of $77 billion.
Elon Musk – SpaceX
The CEO and CTO of SpaceX, Co-Founder of Paypal, Chairman of Solar City, and Chief Product Architect of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk is the revolutionary business tycoon who has spearheaded numerous business projects towards unparalleled success. The entrepreneur, inventor, innovator, and engineer, boasts a resume to salivate upon.
The second ever entrepreneur from Silicon Valley, Elon Musk’s journey from having a tough upbringing in South Africa to being the zenith in the business world has been nothing but fascinating and inspiring thus far. Currently, his net worth valuation stands at USD 21.5 billion.
Bill Gates – Microsoft
Presently, the richest man alive in the world, Bill Gates is an American entrepreneur, philanthropist, innovator, and investor, who co-founded the global giant Microsoft. It is his hard work, dedication and relentless efforts that proliferated Microsoft to become a worldwide success.
Growing up Bill Gates was a tech-savvy individual, who along with his friends hacked their way into their school’s computer system to write programs and figure out new ways of making computers interesting. This uncanny childhood enthusiasm led him to found his own company in 1975, named back then as Micro-Soft. Despite the struggles the company faced at its initial stage, it boomed into the computer industry and inscribed its name forever into the history books of technology.
Today, every computer or any of its loosely-connected devices has at the very least one Microsoft products integrated in its system. Bill Gates now holds a prominent position in the business landscape globally and stands tall in terms of net worth, with a whopping 85.4 billion valuation.
Success stems from an idea; an idea transforms into reality through execution and execution is what translates into success. And these above mentioned business tycoons have combined their idea and innovation to bring-forward unrivaled success towards their business and their lives.

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