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The benefits of using mobile apps for business

Today it has become apparent that for the successful development of a business, it is not enough to have a website; it is also necessary to use a unique mobile app, but how much does it cost to develop an app? The development of such an application can be ordered individually, or it can be done using a ready-made product.

If your business doesn’t already have its own app, we highly recommend that you seriously consider creating one. Today, it’s pretty easy – just contact a company that provides cross platform app development services. Why a cross-platform app?

  • Cross-platform development costs less, which is explained by the smaller amount of work compared to native development. But even here, there are pitfalls, which can be discerned only by understanding the pricing principles.
  • unlimited functionality and interface of the application;
  • low cost of bug fixes and updates;
  • There is no need to synchronize the creation of Android- and iOS-applications and spend additional resources on development management.

The benefits of using mobile applications for business

It is no secret that in recent years there are more and more Internet users who use mobile devices – tablets, laptops, and smartphones. Of course, on such devices, it is better to use mobile applications, the interface of which allows you to quickly, conveniently, and comfortably find the necessary goods and services.

For its part, modern business is forced to operate in a highly competitive environment. As a result, being unable to offer their goods and services with a mobile application, you can miss a huge number of potential customers, users, buyers, and clients.

In addition, modern mobile applications allow you to organize your current working moments in a completely new way. For example, mobile apps allow you to:

  • Track and monitor workforce;
  • Organize feedback to the customer base;
  • Create a large-scale notification of clients about the beginning of promotions and sales;
  • Save significantly on advertising;
  • conduct analytics;
  • create forecasts, and so on.

In essence, modern mobile applications are an extremely effective working tool, the use of which allows businesses not only to compete decently in the market but also to thrive.

Improving the customer experience

Collecting data in CRM is one thing, but using that data for customer service is quite another. With mobile apps, you can achieve high levels of customer satisfaction by providing real-time customer service. One of the features you can use is customer service chat. This kind of chat gives customers the ability to contact you with any questions and get a prompt response.

You can also include other additional features such as:

  • Tracking the status of orders,
  • editing and canceling services,
  • viewing previous orders,
  • print receipts.

This will help simplify the after-sales service process and get more loyal customers.

Attracting customers

To attract new customers, it is enough to offer an interesting bonus for installing the app. Almost every customer is sure to be interested, and everyone has a smartphone these days. The app will help you launch new promotions, and in this way, you will stand out among your competitors.

For example, after installing the app, you can offer a permanent discount on a certain product or service, a coupon for a free dessert, or a cup of coffee. As a rule, when a customer comes to a place, he will not just buy one coupon but will definitely buy something else, so the company gets a loyal customer.

Website + app

With an app, an ongoing connection can be established with customers. Whereas a website can attract traffic through search engines and redirect people to the app. How to do this?

  • Place a popup on the site offering a bonus for installing the app.
  • Place a reminder to install the app at the end of every message.
  • Set up a redirect page to install the mobile app on GooglePlay if the customer leaves the site.
  • Having a mobile app by itself won’t solve all your business problems, but in the right hands, it will be a powerful tool to increase profits.