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The Barre Code: Most Efficient and Results-Driven Fitness Program

Planning out a good fitness program is essential to promoting and maintaining good health. Many people exercise but don’t experience the full benefits that their workouts can provide. By joining a studio that increases personal growth and self-acceptance, you can get so much more than a workout.
The Barre Code was built upon the missions to be a best-in-class fitness program, to promote personal growth and self-acceptance, and to foster an environment where women support one another. It goes beyond the barre to offer cardio, strength, and restorative classes with an emphasis on positive motivation and empowerment. With a wide variety of class styles, custom-curated playlists, and an emphasis on positive motivation, The Barre Code is the most efficient and results-driven fitness program.
Empowering and Calming Experience 
The Barre Code is more than a great workout; it is a fitness community with a mission around self-acceptance and female empowerment that will help you strengthen your relationship with your body and the women around you. Its robust program is driven by music, and its studios come equipped with blue lights to create an empowering, calming experience.
Meeting Fitness Goals 
The Barre Code offers the highest-quality, most comprehensive fitness program for women, blending the ballet barre with varied routines and outstanding classroom instruction to create maximum results. The Barre Code program is specifically engineered to combine cardiovascular conditioning, toning, detoxification, and deep stretching through its variety of class formats, giving clients all the tools they need to meet and exceed their fitness goals.
Lifestyle Brand 
The Barre Code combines routines that change weekly with motivational coaching and customized music to create the ultimate fitness experience. It is also a lifestyle brand, geared toward facets outside of the workout through its mantra and tagline “Live by the Barre Code.”
Innovative Props and Equipment 
The Barre Code utilizes innovative props and equipment in its complete, total-body program to keep the mind engaged, the body challenged, and the results coming. Its intensive instructor training program requires instructors to develop a firm grasp of the principles behind the movements, as well as a deep understanding of how to effectively motivate clients to believe in their strength and abilities.
Leading from a Positive Place
As a company, The Barre Code has learned to celebrate the wins and also the “fins” – failures that have become wins because they taught them something. The Barre Code HQ drives everything from its mission and vision, and has crafted an “Actionable 8” that guides its staff & instructors across the country to always lead from a positive place.
Driving Forces 
Built off their personal fitness backgrounds and unable to find anything similar in the boutique fitness space, The Barre Code’s Co-CEOs and Co-Founders, Jillian Lorenz and Ariana Chernin created The Barre Code in 2010. They are still deeply involved in The Barre Code, both on a daily basis and as driving forces behind the brand, training program, and its expansion across the country.
Large Scale Growth 
The Barre Code is focused on large scale growth in key markets across the country so that it can continue to spread the mission of The Barre Code nationwide. The hope is that someday everyone associates the “bar code” with an idea of being individually strong, but even more empowered together.
Client Testimonials
“I love The Barre Code because it challenges me every single class! I’m surrounded by amazing women that push me to work harder. The instructors are the best! And I’m in the best shape of my life! Better shape than I was in high school – I’ve lost more than 30 pounds!” – Sydney Sheriff, The Barre Code Pittsburgh
“I love the sense of community, as well as the style of workouts that always leave me feeling refreshed, energized, and calm and makes me want to come back!” – Camila Camille, The Barre Code Miami
“In dedicating my career to serving others I have in the past struggled with neglecting my own needs. TBC has been instrumental in providing a supportive and empowering environment to restore balance to my physical and mental health. TBC has taught me the positive impact of taking time for myself every day and how critical physical coping is to reducing stress from work and everyday life.” – Autumn Peterson, The Barre Code Ann Arbor