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Testpoint: Testing Software Efficiently Since Inception

Testpoint is a leader in delivering Enterprise Quality Assurance and Software Testing services, driving efficiency, governance and speed to market as a vantage point for its customers utilizing its Vansah QA & VSAM (Synthetic Application Performance & End User Experience Monitoring) technology platform. The organization assures technology for re-platforming, solution upgrades and modernization with confidence of real-time decision making, IT cost optimization and visibility to quality and alignment to strategic business outcomes.
Well Known Leaders
For the past ten years Testpoint has been led ably by Fadi Hawli, CEO and Co-founder, and Hala Talanoa, Principal and Co-founder. Fadi is a successful and passionate Australian technology entrepreneur with a strong focus on research and development. Graduating with a degree in Software Engineering from the Western Sydney University (WSU) in 1999, he began his career as a Technical Software Consultant specializing in automated testing technologies while working for large international corporations, all the while leading multi-million-dollar project implementations.  
Fadi had always had an interest in running business. He started his first online IT Hardware business reseller company, linking large corporations to source their technology procurement needs directly from IT distributors without the middle man.
On the other hand, Hala graduated with a B.Sc. in Computing degree from Western Sydney University, specializing in software testing, with a passion for delivering Tier-1 software systems and solutions across a variety of industry verticals. Hala’s passion for system development and delivering business solutions saw him working for some of the renowned global enterprises across various industry sectors operating out of Australia.
Serving in a Growing Industry
According to Testpoint, the software application testing market is expected to steadily grow at a rate of 14 percent by 2021. The key drivers for this growth is the increased demand for automated testing and agile testing services. The demand for testing services is further expected to grow even further in the coming years mainly due to the transition towards cloud based applications, and the rising need for enterprise mobility requirements by customers. Some of the main drivers for mobility developments has been reported to be the need to enable customers to access financial services.
Mainly due to few established international testing vendors who are servicing a large market landscape, it’s very crucial for niche players like Testpoint to disrupt traditional testing methods and services with automation frameworks, tools and industry specific software testing processes to help support and improve testing with innovations necessary to address application testing which comprises of both functional and non-functional services.
When Innovation is the Main Priority
Both Fadi Hawli and Hala Talanoa saw a gap in offerings to support continuous automated testing capabilities. Automation was a challenge for many organizations including testing companies hence the solution which was developed by the founders initially filled a gap in the market and the founders could see that the future would only require more services and solutions to address this need.
Since its inception, Testpoint has always been about innovation, speed to market, and addressing challenges faced by organizations when it comes to adopting the necessary testing within a competitive and continuously changing environment. Testpoint has ensured that its backbone was built on research and development by continuously evolving
A R&D Based Organization
Testpoint has ensured that its backbone was built on research and development by continuously evolving its platform to support organizations with transformation and modernization needs. The demand for automated testing solutions means Testpoint has a solid position in the market by providing technology which addresses major market challenges which companies are no-longer looking to source on their own. The company’s brand will play a significant role in helping it continue to expand its solutions across the market by targeting large corporations and government customers first with its product capability alongside its managed services to deliver the outcomes.
An Organization that is Addressing Major Market Challenges
The demand for agile testing with automated testing solutions means Testpoint has a solid position in the market by providing technology that addresses major market challenges which companies are no longer looking to source on their own. Testpoint will eventually play a significant role in helping organizations to expand its solutions across the market by targeting large corporations and government customers first with its product capability alongside its managed services to deliver the outcomes.
Alongside all these, due to a solid employee retention rate Testpoint is confidant with its future growth and expansion staff will continue to be rewarded to ensure the vision of the company and its success will be supported by a solid platform and team.
Addressing Pain Points and Offered Services
Testpoint is such an organization, which is working round the clock to address market pain points such as,

  • Speed (time to market, automation, and continuous testing)
  • Testing as a Service (Capability and maturity)
  • Internal Staff constraints and Skill shortage (increase scalability)
  • Quality and Best practice
  • Testing coverage
  • Cost Optimization

Since, its inception at the end of 2007, Testpoint’s solution was sold to a large number of organizations that required multiple automated tests, which had to be executed across different environments and applications hence needed a solution and testing service to address this challenge. From there on, the organization grew in the first two years by providing automated testing services across large financial organizations selling both product licenses and services. Later on, in 2011, Testpoint released its first version of Vansah QA a complete online SaaS service for managing testing projects for clients as a service. Testpoint would now be able to manage testing and different testing requirements by using a testing platform which could deliver the capability and governance which would normally require expensive software licensing and experienced trained individuals to deliver similar projects. This delivered the confidence necessary to help its customers reduce Test Management license fees with the ability to ramp up on testing requirements simply by subscribing to Vansah and Testpoint to support their testing needs. Now, the organization offers two services and they are,

  • Vansah QA- A testing platform to support automated testing, software delivery and quality control utilizing a SaaS solution which integrates with other technologies to support major programs. The Vansah QA framework also has the advantage of providing a higher level of visibility for testers. It allows the root cause of issues to be identified early in the development process. This has the effect of lowering the risk of errors appearing later in software development. Any issues that occur later in the development process can incur huge costs to remedy and can blow out budgeting and scheduling. Poor visibility can cripple an organizations’ ability to successfully deliver projects. A high level of visibility can also help an organization allocate its digital resources effectively. The Vansah framework will identify any further opportunities where testing can occur and allows IT teams to pinpoint where they can add real value to software projects. This goes beyond metrics, data and analytics and provides IT teams with the ability to understand where they can improve how software projects are delivered. Having the ability to understand where software gains can be made can provide a source of competitive advantage for your organization.
  • Vansah VSAM- Testpoint’s proprietary enterprise VSAM platform helps businesses attain peak performance for their software throughout the user experience. VSAM is a managed service solution delivered by TestPoint, which provides solutions for businesses to help them understand and identify end user experience and performance issues earlier in the development cycle and across live production systems. Live application monitoring enhances the service by monitoring the end-user experience in real time. As a result, by utilising the VSAM platform, Testpoint is helping organizations obtain the best experience and performance of their systems. Testpoint’s VSAM managed service dramatically reduces operational costs and at the same time increases consumer and stakeholder confidence when going to the market with new technologies.

Picture of the Bright Future
Testpoint invests in its future through research & development and continuous improvement. This eventually helps to grow the organization profitably, which benefits all its customers and employees. Testpoint has always liked to think big with technology and services offering which delivers superior customer value and company profits.
The organizations’ roadmap is to remain open to change and maintain integrity. Testpoint began by helping customers achieve success and that is always going to be the organizations’ drive by assuring technology for tomorrow and taking that across the globe.
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