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Tesla Gigafactory Mexico Will Manufacture the Company’s Next-Generation Automobile

The Tesla Gigafactory in Mexico will produce the company’s next-generation automobile. Elon Musk announced the site of Gigafactory Mexico and Tesla’s plans for the new production facility at Investor Day 2023.

Just a day before Investor Day 2023, Mexico’s President Andrès Manuel Lopez Obrador unveiled Tesla’s new gigafactory location in Monterrey.

“There is already an understanding, yes, Tesla is going to dedicate the investment to Mexico, and the plant is going to be established in Monterrey with a series of commitments to face the problem of water scarcity,” stated President Obrador in press conference.

During Investor Day, Elon Musk verified Obrador’s news. The Tesla CEO went on to say that Gigafactory Mexico will focus on producing the company’s next-generation vehicle. Tesla used a similar method with Giga Texas, also known as the Cybertruck factory. While Giga Mexico may concentrate on Tesla’s next-generation vehicle, it may also produce other vehicles. For example, Giga Texas manufactures Tesla Model Y automobiles.

Lars Moravy stated during Investor Day 2023 that Tesla’s next-generation platform is not a single car but would be used across multiple segments. Given Tesla’s history, the company may introduce vehicles using the next-gen platform one by one over time, much as the original Roadster, S3XY series, the Semi—and eventually the Cybertruck.

Only one automobile that Tesla has already unveiled has yet to enter production: the updated Roadster. But Tesla’s Design Head Franz Von Holzhausen revealed in an interview that the new Roadster is not a priority for the firm right now. As a result, the new Roadster may not be the next-generation vehicle produced by Gigafactory Mexico.