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Teraquant Corporation: Supplier of Reliable and Unmatched Communication Solution

The telecommunication industry is at the verge of further innovation that has been driven by the exponential growth of fixed and mobile communications. Today, the end users demand hassle-free services and the rise of such service-oriented era has created ample opportunities for the industry as well as for the service providers who come up with the innovative solution.
Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado Teraquant is a Telecom Service Assurance Test and Infrastructure Solutions company. The company has an aim to offer easy to use solutions to fulfill the service and quality challenges at a most competitive price. “Quality is everything” is the main motto of Teraquant. The company can’t compromise on quality and has quest to provide the highest quality solution to their clients.
Real-time Data-Driven Solutions
Incepted in 2001, Teraquant is a leading solutions provider of products and services for Communication Service Providers (CSPs).  It offers comprehensive solutions for next-generation infrastructure, predictive analytics and Voice/video/UC service delivery to communication service providers and enterprises.
It offers extensive range of innovative products include, Real-time Network Monitors, Big Data Analytics, Fraud Monitors, Smart (WAN) Routers, Session Border Controllers, Session Recorders, Communications Brokers, WebRTC, Protocol Simulators, Protocol Analytics, Packet Brokers, and more.
Teraquant is an Oracle OEM, supplier of products including EOM/COM for service assurance and the much-admired Acme Packet session border controller (SBC). In 2005, it collaborated with Malden and brought unmatched expertise to the USA and Canada in speech quality measurement techniques and achieves communication clarity.
Today, Teraquant helps research community through NIST/NTIA and Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) to test and bring new objective metrics for perceptual speech clarity to those who work in high background noise environments.
Fervent Leader
Richard Jobson is the Founder and President of Teraquant Corporation. He got B.Sc EEE in 1982 and has enormous experience of 36 years in the wireless and telecommunications industry. He has worked for giant telecommunications and networking companies and has achieved outstanding sales success during his tenure of work.
Richard started his career as RF design engineer at Racal Com munications in 1982 followed by product marketing management responsibilities at Hewlett-Packard/Agilent test and measurement and GN Nettest. After many years with leaders in network testing in these companies, Richard founded Teraquant, a rare kind of communications Solution Company. He co-founded QuadTex, a SIP Simulator development start up in 2004 grew revenue and sold that company to Spirent in 2006. Under his strong leadership, the company has flourished and achieved major milestones.
Richard on Technology Advancement
He asserts, When I focused my career 30 years ago on analyzing and troubleshooting networks, customers would ask, “OK, so you can find out what the problem is, can you? Can you also fix it?” I would have to meekly admit, “well no we can’t fix it but find exactly what is the problem and when and how often hit happens, it 90% of the time to fix”. Well soon with AI, we’ll be able to fix the networks”.
Glimpse of Some Major Achievements
Teraquant leverages over 21 years’ experience since the beginning of VoIP technology, to bring the best security and management of SIP interfaces with the Acme Packet/Oracle SBC which is;

  • Trusted by 85% of all the telecommunication service providers world-wide
  • US Government/DoD/DISA, DoD’s Unified Capabilities Approved Product Listed (APL)
  • Used by 9/10 Fortune 5000 financial institutions
  • Plus many medical corporations for mission-critical time services

Apart from this, the company has achieved some major milestones in last few years which are noticeable,

  • Fifteen years working with Acme Packet since their founding in 2003
  • Oracle Communications Gold partner and OEM since Oracle entered in the communications industry in 2013.
  • Teraquant has unparalleled experience working with Enterprises of all sizes, upgrading their Session Border Controller infrastructure and connecting them to over 100 SIP Trunk Providers.
  • The original Acme SBC specialists and follow a rigorous process to turn up SIP trunking with Acme Oracle SBC’s, testing and documenting at each stage.
  • It provides total solution, one point of contact, SBC deployment including interoperability & testing with your chosen SIP trunking service provider
  • Teraquant builds in EOM, the industry leading monitoring SIP platform which allows a user to troubleshoot voip/SIP problems on an operational network in 1-2 minutes, where currently it would take 1-2 hours.

Future Outlook
The company is planning to introduce the following innovative solutions in near future;

  • The ability to detect issues with voice quality and route around them as well reprioritizes and advocates remediation.
  • Wide Band Telephony (HD Voice) that assists clarity, speaker recognition, and background noise identification. This improves safety and efficiency. Teraquant is working to help a greater amount of telephone calls be HD Voice.
  • Faster quality deployment of the ultimate SBC solutions- will automatically take care of toll fraud, DDoS attaches and traffic spikes and has easy to deploy encryption, needed for PCI compliance, built-in, with the ability to investigate any problems.