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TekCommands: Application Prototype Developers and Enterprise Application Developers

The award winning TekCommands, Inc. is a world-class IT solution provider with software products and solutions based on Open Standard Technologies using the technology neutral platform and design that showcases their vision for tomorrow.
TekCommands provides software development services that focus on developing Rapid Application Prototyping and Enterprise Application Development tools. Their O3 model and agile methodology in developing products gives them an edge in the competition.
TekCommands has also played the role of a life-saver in various projects. With a dedicated set of top specialists on board, many of the projects that were once considered a complete failure have been saved by TekCommands. They can tackle technical issues with minimum resources in the assigned deadline.
TekCommands operates from the US, UK, Hong Kong and India. They have their corporate office in US and Development Centers in US, UK, Hong Kong and India.
Services those are reminiscent to TekCommands’ Values
Enterprise Resource Planning
Clients are offered with a part or complete integration of the working of their organizations to improve business efficiency and increase business productivity by implementing customized ERP solutions.
Customer Relationship Management
TekCommands provides services to clients, which are aiming to increase sales and improve customer relations in their organization.
Through the procurement service, TekCommands caters to clients which are looking for in-depth control over the purchase cycle and cut down the cycle time as well as unplanned spending occurring within the organization.
Application Maintenance & Support
The underlying principle of all our application maintenance initiatives is to increase the ROI as well as rendering our customers business a distinct competitive edge and ensure that the enterprise applications are ever-fully functional with minimal down-time and, hence, minimal business disruptions, high availability, and high performance.
About President
Mr. Mahendra Kondla, the President of TekCommands, possesses Masters Degrees in Computer Applications from Madras University, India and Business Administration from Sri Krishnadevaraya University, India. He is a well-respected among business and social circles for his morals and ethics. Mr. KONDLA has over a decade of professional experience in the field of IT and recognized as an young entrepreneur in Metro Detroit area since 2010. Mr. KONDLA’s strong belief is that every employee participation is a key to the success of a company and promotes an open communication with all employees thus making TekCommands a good place to work.
Products that define TekCommands
TekCommands with its myriad levels of experience and exposure is developing products that cater to the customers on various levels. Few of them are-
It is an Enterprise Data Mobile Portal development and deployment solution that provides the user with a single, Web-Portal style interface on business processes and corporate knowledge.
It offers Data retrieval and basic OLAP functionalities like Slice, Dice and Filter. It can be used to trace the information path between all the functional Divisions in an Organization. It enables the user to switch to the Form-View of the application.
Snaplette is a powerful framework for Enterprise Application Development (EAD) based on the XML paradigm and related technologies that offer developers and business analysts a time development and deployment cycle, entailing reduced learning curve and lower maintenance for EAD. It is also insulated against technology obsolescence. The EAD also generates the Enterprise Java Bean (EJB) components, thus enabling the developer or business analyst to concentrate only on Business Logic.
This tool brings the best of technologies to create a quick UI mockup or highly polished wire-frames with features like widgets, libraries, grids and guides and keyboard shortcuts that save time.
TEK-CADRE brings more advanced features like real-time collaboration, integrated VOIP and WebEx that allows distributed teams to collaborate and bring the ideas into reality. 
The mark of achievement and the aura of a brand
TekCommands is ranked at 866 in the 2016 Incorporated 5000 list and 11th  in Top Detroit Companies list. TekCommands is credited with developing applications with ISO 9001:2008 quality standards. They have an enviable list of customers that include- The PEW charitable trusts, Shazam, Miracle Software Systems and more.
Values that are the secret of their Business
With a firm view of Customers as partners of success, TekCommands develops products of the highest quality in the most cost-efficient manner.
The work culture at TekCommands promotes a spirit of a team work, open communication and honoring individual ability. They are well known for a professional attitude in all their transactions with customers, suppliers, employees and management.
They firmly believe that the most vital competitive parameter for businesses will be relationships with their product customers.