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Prabu Govindaraj | CEO | TeenEinstein

TeenEinstein: A Global Approach to Enhance STEM Education

With the successive wave of technological advancements, EdTech Market is making rapid strides in AI based technology innovation and adaptation. Founded in 2012 in Santa Clara, CA, TeenEinstein foresees fusion of arts and technology. It is a technology company focused on enhancing STEM education for kids in United States and worldwide.
TeenEinstein’s AI is being used as the tool in knowledge dissemination by the STEM leaders. Also working towards world’s first high caliber STEM University with access to one all, across the globe, TeenEinstein’s endeavor is to take the STEM education to one and all and make it interesting and that leads to lots of innovation and benefits to the common man.
Extraordinary Clientele Benefits
TeenEinstein’s Teacher.AITM is the great tool in the hands of the STEM gurus that will enhance their effectiveness in STEM knowledge dissemination.
TeenEinstein provides AI powered quality STEM education and ably supported by fusion of arts & sciences – the handy tool to help STEM gurus in their knowledge dissemination to American students. Making American students STEM savvy and help facilitate to compete in the global AI economy is the primary mission of the company. Currently its TeenEinstein Apps downloads both in Apple and Google Store are more than 200,000 and the team is working hard towards 1000 downloads per day. All the TeenEinstein Apps are high caliber and distributed freely to enable grade 6 to grade 12 Students to master the subject with ease and simplicity. There are no pop-up advertisements, it’s free of cost and they are providing pristine scholastic material.
The Passionate Leader
Prabu Govindaraj, the CEO of TeenEinstein is a serial entrepreneur and hands on AI technologist from IIM, Bangalore. He is passionate about the Edtech space. He built a few companies in the initial stage of his career which achieved the heights of success within a short span of time. With his dynamic attitude, Prabu continued to work on AI Analytics making AI faster, cheaper, friendlier and accessible to everyone as the tool in STEM knowledge dissemination and believes in Arts and STEM fusion to succeed in Edtech space. Creating AI driven companies for the benefit of humankind has been his life-long ambition.
Overcoming Obstacles throughout the Journey
The team at Teen Einstein understands that the global Edtech market is highly fragmented and therefore, the main focus point is primarily the US market. Being local players, the expert team knows the US market to a large extent. Continuous AI innovation and tapping into unknown areas of AI and beyond AI are the keys to growing, sustaining and retaining clientele. “We believe the company that’s able to continuously innovate on   AI and it’s not afraid to go beyond AI to contribute to the STEM dissemination will play a great role in Edtech space”, asserts Prabu, the CEO.
The Future Ahead
At TeenEinstein, we believe the future is great, as our AI tool will be in the hands of STEM gurus across America and worldwide. Our goal is no child left behind in STEM education and we will take STEM education to one and all at the lowest possible cost and make it easy to master any STEM subject,” concludes the CEO in an ambitious note.