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TechR2: IT Security Solutions with On-site Data Eradication

A major challenge for many businesses today comes in the form of the exponential growth in the quantity of information that is generated and has to be stored. This data faces a multitude of threats and its protection is imperative. TechR2 is a leading secure media retention solutions provider with a portfolio of on-site data eradication solutions which can be deployed within any enterprise scenario. It is backed by twenty years of experience with industry best practices and the resources to support any type of business data.
Established in 1997, the TechR2 headquarters is located in Columbus, Ohio, and the company serves clients across the United States who themselves have a global presence. Its mission is to protect enterprise and brands from the very real threat of data breaches. TechR2 is proud to have a completely untarnished record of keeping 100% of its clients protected from data breaches in its twenty years of operations. The company is currently one of the fastest-growing businesses in the industry.
TechR2’s senior management has over sixty years of collective experience in the data security industry. TechR2 meets all required compliances such as GDPR, NIST, HIPAA, HITECH, PCI, SOX, and GLBA as a leader of the IT security solutions marketplace.
A Determined Leader 
A true visionary, Sepehr (Sepp) Rajaie is the CEO and President of TechR2. He immigrated to the United States as a student from Iran. Upon graduating from North High School in Columbus, Ohio, Sepp continued his education, matriculating to and graduating from One Tech (now known as Devry University), Ohio Dominican College with a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, and finally Franklin University with a Master’s degree in Engineering.
He then embarked upon his professional career, successfully building three multinational companies before turning his attention to the technology industry. His perseverance paid off in early 1991 when Sepp was chosen to attend the IBM Business Partners Wharton School for Executive Education Program.
His career has now come full circle with TechR2 being named an IBM Partner world member, offering its Tear-a-byte (TAB) process and solutions to IBM customers worldwide. Sepp holds US Patent 9430654, which is the basis for TechR2’s TAB process.
While specializing in on-site data eradication, Sepp also built a data retention powerhouse. The company provides IT asset tracking through RFID technology for data-bearing media such as storage devices, tablets, and mobile phones.
Overcoming Complicated Regulations 
TechR2 adheres strictly to best practices and high standards. Its patented TAB process is a manifestation of best practices for disposition of data-bearing assets at the end of their lifecycle. Obtaining approval of the patent for registration was the first challenge. The company wanted to meet the requirements of the world’s most stringent standards regulating data and its disposition. Secondly, obtaining a method patent and to become ISO-certified was incredibly difficult. TechR2 submitted itself to ISO auditors so that it could guarantee best practices to its customers.
Today, it is the only secure media retention solution provider that operates under the ISO 27001, 9001, 18001, 14001 and, soon, 32001 certifications.
Proprietary Services 
TechR2 continues to perfect its own state-of-the-art solutions for an ever-changing market. The company dedicates considerable resources to educating and training employees so they remain on the cutting edge of technology. On each project, it collaborates with its customers’ compliance departments, conducts a risk assessment, and then implements their solutions based on the individual client’s needs. TechR2 is backed by the globally-recognized International Standards Organization (ISO) certifications (IS0-27001, ISO-14001, ISO- 9001, and soon ISO-32001) and other standards (OHSAS-18001). This allows the company to provide independent certification of data destruction backed by the most powerful insurance policy for risk mitigation, offered by Lloyd’s of London.
Future Expansion 
Sepp says, “We have continued to expand our services – security for data-bearing devices from cradle to the grave with our RFID IT Asset Tracking and further innovations regarding risk management.” 
TechR2’s patented process of TAB (Tear-AByte) is soon going to become the industry standard and many OEMs are participating in use of its process globally.
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