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Technology Transforming Event Industry

In today’s world, technology has made many changes to different spheres of life, one such change can be seen in the event industry, the industry which is booming rapidly, the latest technology has made high lines in growth chart of working standards in the event industry.
Technology has been upgraded in every work, simply we can define it as “digitalization,” there are numerous examples of modernization of things with technology upgrade, not all but few I would like to mention in this article.
In previous time all the work was based on paper, pen, and manual work, but technology has transformed event industry too much extent, now every work is done with the help of electronic gadgets. Huge events are just a click away, and you can showcase your event through websites & apps. Your target audience can register for the event with online registration links, and everything is done online, previously to attend a big conference. People have to follow long queue to register and mark their entry in the event manually, but now e-cards help in quick entry for the event, just scan the code/tag and you are into the event.
In old times there were only a few options from the technical aspect that were being used in the event industry and If I talk about the latest time zone, organizing a normal event also things have changed drastically, now the ideas are also generated with the technology itself, even the weddings and social functions are transformed with technology. If I dig into the latest technical specs that are being applied in events, we have entry of delegates with digital cards, we have lights which are upgraded from moving heads to sharpy lights, par can lights upgraded to led par & led washes, small smoke machines upgraded to jumbo smoke & haze machines, truss has been upgraded to aluminum one.
The sound has been upgraded to higher series of big brands like vertex series of JBL, RCF, JBL Vrx series, which give your event a bright side. The mixers & consoles are upgraded as well, and venue sc48 is one of the best one, which is specially being used in huge concerts. When we come to lights avolites Pearl console is being used for the best designing of lights, even the fillers, and performances in an event are different in present time, there is the use of led lights dresses for dancers. A laser light act performance, UV light, acts in an event is the proof of technology transformation. When we have mentioned about the light & sound above than it will be completely unfair if we do not discuss the visuals part which is equally important for a huge event to get completed.
The projectors are upgraded to high lumens projectors, now the place of projectors are changed over by the use of led wall projection, a led wall is erected with the help of small led panels in which anything & everything can be displayed on your laptop. The quality of led wall is measured with the pixels, suppose if it is P5 for that the viewer has to make a difference of approx 25 feet from the wall, and to get the clear vision of whatever is displayed on the wall. If it is P3 for that, not much difference is needed anyone can have a clear vision from around 10 feet.
The creative & tremendous example of projection is 3d mapping projection, it is a programmed projection, programming is done on the computer for a certain element it may be even a huge building. Anything can be projected on that particular element, 3d projection mapping is worth watching, its a kind of amazing eye candy to the audience watching it. When it comes to weddings, the bride groom entries have created records in current time, and all this is possible due to the technology upgrade. The entries are done with ropeways, automatic pull machines, and hydraulic systems. Pre-wedding shoots are in the range which is captured with high-end cameras this all is due to the latest technology changes.
As the industry is growing same way, the technology part is also booming simultaneously. Event industry growth is directly proportional to the technology upgrade; we at 3 Elements Events take proper care of latest technology standards so that we stand steady & clear in this competitive market. It is very much important to have proper knowledge and skill to use & apply the latest technology practically. India is a growing country, and so are we. It’s a moment of immense happiness that our country is going very fast towards the dream goal of being a developed nation soon. We at 3 Elements Events are always ready to take new technology to the upfront level to the clients. At this time each n every client expects for some new concept for the desired project, and we fulfill all the expectations. So at last but not the least it is clear indication that technology is transforming event industry rapidly and this transformation is beneficial for overall other sectors too and as well as for the development of our country.

By – Gaurav Sharma.

3 Elements Events

Founder & Owner