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A.I. Tech: Amalgamating A.I. with Human Life

We all are developing at an immense pace; let it be for a business or an individual, development has become the new norm. But with development comes the most dreadful challenge of providing optimum security to one’s assets. When we generally talk about security the first and foremost thing that comes to our mind is “Surveillance Camera,” But again here a question arises; are traditional surveillance cameras self-sufficient to provide us the optimum level security? The answer is no! So to provide a solution to the above mention dilemma A.I. Tech came into the picture.
A.I. Tech is an outstanding company, where they strive to conceive, design and make systems realize as well as enable them to produce intelligent surveillance cameras. Indeed, they transform the way in which a camera sees the objects. At A.I. Tech they produce video analytic plugins that can be installed on board of surveillance cameras that not only observe the scene, but also they are able to discover what it is happening through the recognition of the objects and the analysis of their behavior.
An experience of more than 25 years in research in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Vision, combined with skills in the engineering of hardware and software solutions and on designing of embedded systems, allows A.I. Tech to propose innovative and advanced solutions in the field of intelligent video analysis.
The Inception Story of A.I. Tech
A.I. Tech started its operations in 2010. Though the company is young, but their experience in the field of intelligent video analysis is much older. Indeed, it comes from the academic background of its founders. They were all professors and researchers of the University of Salerno, in the south of Italy, having a several-decade-long experience in A.I. Such experience guarantees to the company a very competitive advantage in terms of the reduction of both cost and time for producing innovative solutions, if compared to other companies which operate in this field and which are typically bound to collaborate with the universities or research institutions in order to innovate their products.
Since its creation, the mission of A.I. Tech has been to bring innovation and to add value in all the fields where some “eyes” (the camera), combined with a “brain” (A.I. Tech’s software) could help in solving a problem: security, retail and traffic management, just to mention a couple of examples. Indeed, a camera with a video analytic plugin can help the human in accomplishing a task in less time, and also sometimes doing something that a human (alone) could not do.
Outshining Competitors with Innovative Solutions
Thanks to a consolidated and deep knowledge in artificial intelligence and artificial vision methodologies, A.I. Tech has become a leader provider in video analytic solutions in several vertical markets: Security, Traffic Monitoring and Retail are the three main target markets for A.I. Tech, where the video analytic products can be really useful.
Below are some glimpses of the utilization of the video analytics in the above mentioned fields:
Security Market:
In a traditional video surveillance system, the camera acquires the video of a given scene to be protected, the best case being a human operator visualizes the videos alerts the security if something susceptible happens. Anyway, some psychological studies confirm that “After 12 minutes of continuous video monitoring, a human operator will often miss up to 45% of screen activity. After 22 minutes of video, up to 95% is overlooked”. The aim of A.I. Tech is to help the human operator in his boring (and often not really effective due to the physiological overcharge issue mentioned above) monitoring task, by making these traditional surveillance cameras smart, with the advanced artificial intelligence and computer vision algorithm developed by its team. These AI plugins can understand what is happening in the scene. It can trace and alert whether the baggage was abandoned in the airport or in the train station; whether a person intruded into a factory or a bank; it can detect any suspicious behavior near an ATM or any emergency happened with an old member of a family whether in the hospital or in his or her own apartment.
Traffic Monitoring:
Video analytic plugins created by A.I. Tech are very useful also for making the roads “smart”. Traffic monitoring and accident incident detection are two important issues that the A.I. Tech plugins are able to address. Indeed, a smart camera, provided with A.I. Tech plugins, is able to track the number and typologies of vehicles crossing a road or detect the queue; can identify the vehicle taking the wrong side of the road, a pedestrian crossing a highway or a car stopping in a forbidden zone. A way to make people feel safe on the road!
Retail Market and Store Optimization:
“If you do not know it, you cannot manage it. And you cannot improve it.” Thus, the starting point of each retailer is to know their stores, so as to improve their performance. A.I. Tech provides the way to identify and analyze the customer behavior in a retail shop and thus enhancing the customer satisfaction and business growth: the number of persons entering a store; the time spent by a person in front of an advertisement content shown on a monitor; the gender and the age of the persons entering the store; the time spent by a customer while waiting for paying; the number of the persons stopping in front of a product of interest in the store. To sum up, these smart video plugins act as an intelligent sensor which is proved to be beneficial for the retailers.
Major Contributing Factors:
The A.I. Tech has several decades of experience in the field of Artificial Intelligence. The resourceful team of A.I. Tech with its splendid research ethics helps the company to produce great results and makes the products more cost-efficient and time saving.
“The clients believe in our methodologies, skills, passion, dedication and integrity which make them choose us again and again”, quotes the zealous leader.
Clients Speak
“We are working to change the way Surveillance Camera can be used in many applications. – declares Fabio Andreoni, Country Manager for Italy and Greece for Hanwha Techwin Europe – Our new range of camera based on Wisenet X DSP plays an important role as enabling technology in this direction.”
 “A.I. Tech has been able to exploit at its best the powerful processing capability of our camera, developing interesting and cutting edge algorithms,  for application in Security, Intrusion detection and Business Intelligence for Retail Market. Their advanced  and effective video analytic applications run directly on board of the camera, demonstrating how the future of Professional Video Surveillance looks like.”
“Our company – declares Andrea Hruby, CEO of HESA – has been a leader in the security sector for fifty years as the first distributor in Italy and is the reference point for all professionals in the sector who need access to the most modern and advanced equipment selected from the best manufacturers all over the world. In this scenario, we place our collaboration with A.I. Tech, which represents an excellent partner able to offer the high level that has always characterized our proposal. It is therefore a great satisfaction to celebrate and share with A.I. Tech the important goal achieved, the result of great commitment, technological innovation, research at the highest levels and team spirit.”
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