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TCL 10 Pro Review: A Stunning Screen Combined With A Great Price

As one of the reputed names in the domain of electronics, TCL is a common name for manufacturing affordable sets of television.

However, the debut of the Chinese electronics giant in the field of the smartphone is pretty impressive. The arrival of TCL 10 Pro, which belongs to the mid-range category of Android devices, there is lot that is coming for the users who prefer a budget buy. If you look at the price of TCL, which ranges around $400-$450, it seems that the device is here to compete with iPhone SE and the yet to release Pixel 4a from Google. Do you think that the model packs everything that today’s medium smartphone buyers expect? You might get your queries answered soon.
Know the basics
Although TCL 10 Pro is a pioneering effort of the company to manufacture a smartphone from the pieces, you will hardly get the feel when you handle this smartphone. Generally speaking, the appearance and the specs of TCL 10 Pro can make you feel as the owner of a premium smartphone that does not rob you even if the design of the device may not cut corners. If you expect the likes of Samsung and Apple from TCL 10 Pro, you are not in the right place; the device packs reasonable features that can make you feel great otherwise.
Design and screen

  • As far as the design and screen of the device is concerned, it can take you some to acclimatise to the arrangement. For the first time, you can buy a phone that excludes the usual camera bump. The headphone jack allows users to use any headphone without a dongle and the data port at the bottom is the USB-C mode.
  • At the price mentioned, it is good to get a stunning OLED screen, which shows the actual colours and makes the shades brighter. The display of TCL 10 Pro is splendid and the area of focus of this device, which hardly disappoints users. 
  • Whether you are watching films with HDR10 support in Netflix, surfing the net, or laying games, the 6.47-inch screen has what it takes to make the device shine like never before.
  • With 1080×2340 resolutions of the screen and a small teardrop notch due to the front camera, you can rely on the device. Furthermore, the two colours of TCL 10 Pro, sleek gray and exotic green, the users should not have a speck of doubt about the screen and design of this smartphone at an unbelievably affordable price.

More about design
Although TCL 10 Pro does not have to serve as the flagship device, it looks like one. Keeping in mind that the two tough competitors of the device, namely, Samsun Galaxy A 51 and Google Pixel 3a, have polycarbonate structure and the iPhone SE with its good old design, the all metal and glass design of TCL 10 Pro makes it unique. Whether it is the metal chassis or the glass back, the model is a good buy at an affordable rate. However, the full-screen design of the device makes it winning device.
The cons of display
Even though the display of TCL10 Pro gives you a good buy in your budget, it is somewhat steep with curves on the sides, which often gets annoying as you may touch the screen accidentally. 
Explaining the display
The Nxtvision AMOLED display of TCL 10 Pro includes a full-HD resolution, and Nxtvision is a unique brand of the company, which comes from the television panels. However, this technology does not only act behind the display but lets users regulate the appearance of the panel. Now, that is some customization when you consider the budget. When you put on Nxtvision, the colours and the contrast of TCL 10 Pro can be adjusted in real-time according to the display of colours on the screen. Although the separate HDR to SDR option makes the non-GDR content more lucid, but to many people it is just an addition, which may not be so appealing.
The final verdict
The 6.47-inch OLED screen is a distinct and stunning feature of TCL 10 Pro, and you can hardly get such as big-sized display in this price. When exploring the mid-range Android phones, the screen and display of the phone is a feature that makes it stand out among the competitors. Besides the display, the other specs of TCL 10 Pro are rather satisfactory.

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