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TAS Energy- A Global Organization Bestowing Modular and Economic Energy Solutions

Today, the world is experiencing unprecedented growth in its need for data storage and, increasingly, computation. Data storage and high-performance computing driven by machine learning is the fastest growing energy demand in the U.S., and the leading providers are intent on maximizing both efficiency and the use of renewable energy.
TAS Energy is not only a trusted name in the Energy Tech industry, but also significantly expanding the array of modular data center products provided to customers. Over the last five years, TAS has shifted its core focus from Power and Industrial projects to Data Center Products resulting in a significant growth. The company has industry-leading capability in design and manufacturing of innovative modular systems. Its primary data center products include cooling modules, immersion cooling, data halls, utility infrastructure, power modules, UPS systems, and air-cooled Edge modules.
TAS is a trailblazer in developing and delivering modular products that flawlessly increase the speed and efficiency of data center deployment – hyperscale, co-locationed and very small footprints at the Edge. TAS has been producing energy and data center modules for over nineteen years, delivering to over 32 countries, and currently shipping up to 2,000 modules annually.
A Cluster of Unique Energy Tech Products & Solutions
TAS has a deep expertise in thermodynamics, power delivery, power augmentation and cooling that enables it to create customized products specifically designed for the climate and location that meet customer’s efficiency goals. Every product of the company impeccably delivers the most effective and efficient cooling solution. With its consistency to be on the cutting-edge in the industry, TAS is now fielding first-of-a-kind immersion-cooled, stand-alone modules to support high-density computing needed for Blockchain and other demanding applications. TAS also possesses stand-alone products with very high-efficiency air cooling. These advanced solutions of TAS greatly minimize the overall energy use and significantly reduce the physical footprints devoted to these data applications.
The Passionate Leader of TAS Energy
JT Grumski, the CEO at TAS Energy, has been spearheading the company for five years with his extraordinary skills in the diverse industry segments. JT holds an extensive experience of over three decades of career development in leading technology and systems solutions organizations spanning information technology, industrial, utility, oil & gas and government customers. He is the strong pillar of the company who is constantly working closely with customers to develop new products leveraging TAS’s unique capabilities and R&D investments that has brought TAS to the forefront of data center modularization.
Efficiency- A Prime Factor of TAS
Presently, between two to three percent of global electricity consumption is attributed to data centers. In most data centers, the electricity used for cooling is the second largest operational cost after the power used for computing. Some utilities see higher percentages of concentration; while some configurations seek for ample amount of water supply. Efficiency is the subtle way to improve all of this as the industry is moving towards increased sustainability.
One of the prime factors in TAS Energy’s product development is Efficiency. It strongly emphasizes delivering efficiency in power and related cooling, as well as in minimization of other resources including water utilization. The company’s products are customized for the climate and the information technology architecture to ensure the best solution for each deployment. TAS’s newest high-density products are an example of designing complete data center infrastructure around customers IT solutions. All of its products are manufactured in environmentally-conscious facilities in Houston with a keen eye towards achieving high quality, schedule efficiency and sustainability.
Key Traits for Assured Success
TAS Energy is highly committed to innovation in developing its own Modular Solutions Laboratory. This laboratory includes a small Data Center where further advancements of cooling and energy solutions are made for achieving the high-demand computing and data storage to keep the company ahead of the industry requirements. “Finding partners that are also interested in the next generation and forming deeper relationships with them has been a key to our successful implementation of more environmentally friendly and market leading solutions”, says CEO JT Grumski.
On asking about the company’s success mantra, JT shares, “Speed to market and the people to get it there.  Given the accelerating need for data and computing, TAS modular products allow companies to rapidly meet their demand on whatever scale they are working, from Hyperscale to Edge.” TAS creates a fusion of their repeating modular designs and the reduced uncertainty in scheduling and construction, which creates strong, long-lasting relationships with its customers.
Tech-Transformation Offers a Glorious Future
The energy tech industry is foreseeing a massive innovation, irrespective of the sluggish speed of its rollout. From batteries to falling renewable pricing, the industry is still responding to the corporate demand for the sustainable futures.
The most advanced technologies such as the Internet of Things, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, 5G, etc. is undergoing a paradigm shift due to the rapid technology transformation. Due to which, the energy tech-industry is finding efficient ways of data storage, computer, and graphics computation to respond with more reliable solutions, especially at the Edge.  TAS Energy is constantly evaluating its products and incorporating our customer’s feedback into its designs to ensure that every customer is equipped with the best possible products for staying ahead among its peers.
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