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Tarek Mohamed | CEO | Sharetheload,

Tarek Mohamed: An Autodidact Leader with Innovative Vision

I think, to ever be a CEO/Director, you need to have a brutal streak to ensure everything is done right despite it isn’t right. Just always show your true colours of care and love but never be afraid to pull others in line especially if they depend on you.” This is the leadership mantra of Tarek Mohamed, CEO of Sharetheload, who believes that integrity, being authentic, being accountable, self-confidence, and communication are the vital attributes of a leader.
As the CEO, he ensures the directions are being met accordingly and if not he ensures it does. The team has regular meetings to ensure projected outcomes are being met and mitigating any issues they may face. As an all-rounder with ten years of employment experience, Tarek has gained invaluable skills and experience that has been inestimable to many successful companies. Having studied and excelled in Economics, his background in Finance through education as well as personal self-education has allowed him to positively contribute in roles specialising but not limited to Australian Equities.
Additionally, as a visionary entrepreneur, Tarek has been able to self-learn web development. Moreover, as a method of bootstrapping, he created multiple failures such as and respectively to help him fund his major project which was not a success. Also given his social work/youth work background, the experience has been pivotal in understanding and communicating well with others in order to achieve a positive desired outcome. This skill has been carried forward across the diverse roles he has been involved in. After founding ‘Sharetheload’, Tarek has been implementing strategies to make sure that the company is moving towards the right direction of launch. Moreover, his role in the company entails corporate structure, corporate legality, partnerships etc.
According to Tarek, Sharetheload is built on being different to the other major competitors out there. These all stem from personal frustrations as consumers. The company offers RFID tagging, facial recognition, barcode reading which no logistic offers as a whole. In addition, it has entered a world-wide partnership which has allowed it to enter new markets, never seen before. It’s corporate split; the split is 80 (corporate):20 (users). This covers all the expenses and ensures users are satisfied with the service and thus remunerated correctly via positive worldwide connections.
An Idea of Betterment 
Tarek says, growing up with migrant born parents, he has seen first-hand the trials and tribulations that they must go through to get items from overseas family members. Fast forward today, he likes to purchase items on various sites and would frequently get frustrated with the delay in waiting time. One day, Tarek ordered an express parcel from the United States which was delayed by 3 weeks and thus he came up with the idea. It hurt him as he paid more for the delivery then the actual item. Thus, it made him explore ways of delivery in the last mile and innovative methods.
Determined and Disciplined 
Growing up as a first generation Australian, Tarek’s parents migrated here to give his family a greater opportunity than Egypt. He has always been raised to take education seriously and never take life for granted. He asserts “Growing up, I could see my parents struggle and I said to myself I’ll make a change. I also played a lot of sports including Soccer which taught me to be a team player whilst also to perfect my craft. Putting in tireless hours has disciplined positive habits that translate over to my business world.” He often read non- fiction based information across medical, technology and economic factors. Moreover, his life has determined the directions he takes in his life and thus any influences are made accordingly.
Vision to be Get Global 
Tarek’s vision for the company is quite simple. He only hopes to see ‘positive connections’ across humanity and the world. Sharetheload hopes to see its users grow and giving consumers better options that are more affordable across the globe. To reach the company’s potential customers, it has a dedicated team with an extensive background in advertising and promotion. It advertises using some of the biggest platforms in the world including but not limited to social media and flyers.
Challenging Status Quo 
Over the course of Tarek’s journey, one of the most challenging roadblocks he has come across is Finances. He challenges the status quo or the conventional methods of capital-raising. He often goes with an IOU basis with many partners and ensures they trust him enough to know he will have his words backed up with actions. This is based off his great track record with smaller projects that have led to great outcomes which has led him to be able to build more.
Change is Constant 
Change is a necessary process for progress. With such a dynamic technological era, Tarek sustains leadership by looking at people and understanding technology to the highest degree by studying in micro detail. He tries and understand everything all technological advancements from Robots, Microchips, Hacking etc.