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Tango Networks: Enterprise Communications Unleashed

Communication is important and, it’s an art that one needs to master to prosper. We live in an ever-evolving world with advancements in every sector. There’s a wide variety of choices out there for companies to choose from when it comes to communication. So, the companies that are agile and adapt to these ever-evolving changes are the ones that eventually manage to thrive.
The introduction of smartphones changed the dynamics of business communications drastically, as employees preferred using their mobile phones to their desk phones because of the convenience and overall user experience. This mobile first trend in enterprises introduced new problems to be solved and put an emphasis on end user experience. Enterprises have been revolutionized by the introduction of Unified Communications (UC) and other advanced communications platforms. But deploying these innovations and gaining the most value from them remains challenging. Built on the roadmap of providing innovative solutions to solve enterprise mobility communications challenges while still giving the end-user a superior smartphone experience is a premier technology provider named Tango Networks. Their revolutionary Kinetic Communications Platform provides simple, flexible orchestration of enterprise voice and messaging applications, even in multi-vendor environments.
The perfect blend of Experience and Creativity
Leaders strive to make conscious efforts to mirror the values and vision of the company into its brand. The business duo leading Tango Networks, Douglas J. Bartek and Andrew Silver, are examples of such prominent personas who work diligently towards consolidating technology and innovation into the company.
Doug, the Co-founder and CEO, contributes through his wisdom gained from working over four decades in the industry. He has led more than 20 successful sales, acquisitions, mergers, and financings of high-tech firms. Prior to co-founding Tango Networks, he founded and led Microtune, a firm that he took public. He was a division president at Cirrus Logic, was president and CEO of Acumos, and has held various leadership positions at other leading enterprises. He has been recognized as an Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year award winner, is an NRCC Businessman of the Year recipient, and has won the Metroplex Technology Business Council Tech Titans’ Emerging Company CEO of the Year award. He is involved in his community as a Trustee for his church and was a Founding Member and President of the Board of Star Children’s Charity. Mr. Bartek has a BSEE, Summa Cum Laude, from the University of Texas, a MS in Engineering and Computer Science and an MBA from Arizona State University.
Andrew, Co-Founder & CTO at Tango Networks, is a charismatic leader with enthusiasm, a keen wit, and an exceptional team spirit. He is an entrepreneur and business technologist who has held senior management and director roles in large and small wireless companies including Ericsson, Nortel Networks, Comverse and Spatial Wireless. He is customer-focused in his approach to developing these new products and services that rapidly drive new customer revenues.  In addition, he is an accomplished speaker at wireless industry forums and has been granted more than 60 patents in wireless communications systems. Mr. Silver holds an Electrical Engineering degree and an MBA from McGill University.
An Array of Revolutionary Services
Tango Networks delivers business communications services to mobile phones using the native dialer for a simple and superior user experience. The platform enables services such as Mobile UC, identity management, customer engagement mobility, and regulation and compliance solutions with any mobile phone.
In addition, their Business Messaging service enables SMS messaging directly from any business line and their Mobile Call Recording service is the only enforceable solution that works from the native dialer. All of this is part of Tango Networks’ groundbreaking Software-Defined Communications platform – optimizing mobile communications for the modern enterprise.
Tango Networks most recently announced the Mobile Customer Engagement Communications solution, which also leverages the Kinetic Communications Platform. It seamlessly integrates employees’ mobile communications into enterprise customer relationship management (CRM) and workforce optimization (WFO) systems, keeping mobile calls from being siloed outside the customer engagement process. This is particularly beneficial for companies that manage representatives in the field or industries with a strong focus on financial trading and compliance regulations. This sophisticated solution offers valuable intelligence and analytics to ensure mobile-enabled customer interactions are polished, professional and competitive.
Values that drive the business
Tango Networks’ recognition stems from extending corporate visibility and control to mobile devices with a superior user experience that works across any existing UC environment. Tango Networks’ award-winning Kinetic Communications Platform is built with flexibility, simplicity and connectivity in mind. Users have access to powerful business telephony features from the mobile’s native dialer, mobile communications are compliant with corporate communication policies and personal and business personas remain separate. They continue to grow by constantly innovating and helping enterprises maximize the value of their mobile communications investments. It’s their vision to be the trusted enterprise mobile communications solution provider of businesses worldwide.
Innovating with a Team of Innovators
At the start of Tango Networks the problems were different than they are today, but the company’s pedigree is still the same: they continue to innovate to address new business challenges with simple mobile technology – that’s what makes them unique. One example is how enterprises now approach customer engagement. More than ever, employees are using their mobile devices when communicating with customers – enterprises are losing control, visibility and compliance of those calls creating a corporate blind spot. Tango’s solutions are a breakthrough in mobile enterprise communications that enables companies to control and enhance mobile communications to adapt to the advent of the smartphone and still empower employees to securely work anytime, anywhere.
Tango Networks has over 50 patents protecting its unique technology, but their employees are their biggest asset. From generating the far-reaching ideas that lead to new business propositions, to the technical resources that help turn the ideas into reality, to the personal engagements needed to open the right doors to opportunity, the team is clearly the key to Tango Networks’ success. The 10-year track record of innovation and evolution is a testament to that spirit and culture in Tango Networks. No program or handbook tops having happy and fulfilled employees who feel what they’re doing matters. Tango Network’s core DNA is innovation and flexibility to solve not only today’s problems but also those of the future. Often their technology is coupled with partners in a larger ecosystem to deliver innovative solutions to their enterprise customers.

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