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TalentAdore: Transforming Recruitment Process with an Added Advantage of Human Touch

Current recruitment system does not serve companies or candidates to its full potential and intention for which it meant for. As per estimates, 70 % of resumes are never even got touched by the recruiter. The reason behind that is the large number of job applications. The number of applications in a traditional recruitment process is so high that there is almost no way a person can manually review them. As a result, when 100 people apply for a job, one person get selected and rest 99 face impersonal rejections after months of waiting. To change this system and revolutionize the recruitment process, TalentAdore came up with one unique solution known as Virtual Recruitment Assistant (VRA).
Virtual Recruitment Assistant:  Empowering Recruiters and Job Applicants
TalentAdore’s Virtual Recruitment Assistant (VRA) treats every job application as important as others. What makes this assistant a unique in the market is that it integrates the best parts of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), advanced communication technologies, and intelligent automation. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, recruiters can send personalized status updates and feedback messages to each job applicant and that too with no extra time and large effort. This system empowers recruiters and gives them full control of managing the entire recruitment process: from job postings to hiring and even building dynamic Talent Communities.
VRA system puts candidates back to the center of recruitment process. Even if candidate faces rejection they get the reason behind that. Consequently, their solution has a significant impact on their customers’ employer brands as well. As per data, when recruitment is handled in the old-fashioned way, around 20% of the rejected candidates recommend the company to their friends. When VRA system is in use, up to 70% of them recommend. That is something very fascinating about VRA.
Belief behind the Birth of TalentAdore
When the founders of TalentAdore identified numerous flaws in the recruitment process especially the fact that candidates are being treated as ID-numbers rather than humans by the recruiters, they pledged to provide a solution that can challenge the outdated ways of hiring and which can bring back human touch to the recruitment process.
Short Journey that has seen an Impressive Business Expansion across many Countries
TalentAdore was established in 2014 by two entrepreneurs, Saku Valkama and Joni Latvala. In less than three years since its inception, the company has grown to 15 people and feels proud to be blessed with an exceptionally talented advisory board. Success of TalentAdore can be gauge from the fact that since the launch of their end-to-end recruitment solution in October 2016, they have attracted many customers across Finland, Japan, Norway, Mexico, Canada, USA, Sweden and Germany. Also, they have received close to 1M€ funding in total so far.
Factors that Differentiates it from Peers

  • Think recruitment process from the candidate perspective along with recruiter as well.
  • Concentrate on the rejected candidate as well.
  • Provide data and advanced reporting to the management.
  • Create talent-on-demand capability for companies with help of their innovative Talent Community concept.

Recognitions that Proves the Worth of their Product

  • TalentAdore was nominated among top 50 EU startups in 2017 and got an opportunity to pitch in the European Parliament.
  • Won Shift pitching competition, 2017 and was selected among top 3 startups in Arctic15.
  • A leading business magazine of Finland nominated TalentAdore among top 10 startups in Finland for the year 2017.

“TalentAdore’s VRA has helped us tremendously in taking our talent attraction activities to the next level. Immediately after implementation, the tool improved our conversion rates, process efficiency, and internal collaboration between the hiring teams and managers. The tool has also had a huge positive impact on our employer brand via the outstanding candidate experience it offers. For us, TalentAdore offers the next generation and easy-to-implement solution we have been looking for a long time.” – Satu Muilu, Head of People Operations, Tuxera
Torchbearer of TalentAdore
Saku Valkama is the CEO and Co-founder of TalentAdore. He has a profound and pragmatic experience over 20 years in handling various recruitment challenges that come across enterprises. He played a vital role in up-scaling company’s strength and gave priceless contribution towards building a successful team. He is the prime reason for transforming a startup into a leading innovator in the HR technology sector that too within very short span of time.
Popularity of Talent Communities will Rise
Candidate is also like a normal consumer who always in a search of information related to job and also relies heavily on referrals. In the near future, candidates will hold hiring decision more than the recruiters. Hiring is all about content marketing and brand building which needs a uninterrupted connection with the desired people, all the time not only when companies fall short of required manpower. This is where talent communities come into picture, its ability to provide desired candidate any time will make it even more popular in coming time. Stagnant talent pools will disappear in near future.
Future Vision
In the longer run, their vision is to create a marketplace for talent without boundaries. In Talent Communities, candidates can help each other to find relevant jobs and expand their skills. Also, they have plans to create communities not only within, but between companies. In this way, truly open source candidate communities will become a reality – a win-win-win situation for companies, candidates and the society.

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