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TalentAdore: Offering a World Full of Opportunities to Job Seekers

Soon a day will come when the hiring decisions will rest on the hands of the candidates and not on the recruiters. With the Talent Communities coming in the near future, stagnant talent pools will soon lose its existence.  The Talent-on-Demand way of recruiting is replacing the traditional Post & Pray. Lastly, winning companies make their HR and recruitment related decisions based on tracked data more than ever before.
Starting Phase of TalentAdore/Journey of TalentAdore since its Inception
TalentAdore Ltd. has created a true People’s Platform; an amazing tool that touches millions of people’s heart. This is a leading HR Technology Company founded in 2014 at Finland. Their Virtual Recruitment Assistant (VRA) is extraordinary recruitment software that cleverly combines Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and Natural Language Processing (NLP). The solution empowers superior Candidate Experience and builds strong Employer Brands. With its consumer-grade user experience, the VRA streamlines recruitment end-to-end processes by automating manual and repetitious tasks. At the same time, the company is also building a powerful HR & Recruitment ecosystem by integrating value-added tools to their promising solution.
Torch Bearer of TalentAdore                           
Saku Valkama, CEO and Co-founder of TalentAdore, has 20 years of in-depth experience in growing business in Europe, Asia, and the America. Saku has a profound and pragmatic experience and knowledge of large and growing companies’ recruitment challenges.
“Recruitment is broken. Together with Joni Latvala, CTO & Co-founder, Valkama can see lots of flaws in recruitment processes that must be fixed. Especially, they are frustrated about how candidates are being treated as ID-numbers by so many recruiters. Therefore, they have decided to change that and bring the human touch back to recruitment.
Innovative Services of TalentAdore
TalentAdore’s Virtual Recruitment Assistant (VRA) treats every job application as a love letter. It turns candidates into companies’ fans rather than enemies. Their solution integrates best parts of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), advanced communication technologies and intelligent automation. They handle the entire recruitment process from job postings to hiring decisions and building dynamic Talent Communities.
All in all, the solution is as much a

  • Virtual Recruitment Assistant, which handles the entire end-to-end recruitment and Talent Community, as a clever
  • Marketing Automation System that targets job candidates. 

The company’s VRA puts the candidates into the center of attention. With help of Artificial Intelligence, the recruiter can communicate personally and individually with each candidate throughout the recruitment process. When the recruiter sends automatic status updates and fully personal feedback to each candidate, the candidates are aware of everything which is necessary for the placements. And, if they are not selected, they know why.
TalentAdore automates the repetitious tasks, not human touch. By streamlining the recruitment process, you have more time for the human-oriented recruitment work. Moreover, the ultimate user experience takes your way of working to an entirely new level. TalentAdore helps you to work smart not hard.
Motivation Helps to Grow Faster
They have a team consisting of 15 well-educated A-class players with the winning combination of experience and enthusiasm. The company believes in working all together and become one unified family, sharing the same passion and motivation towards bringing the human touch back to recruitment. Their team members are ambitious doers with a go-getter attitude and a drive to excel. People are amazed at their ability to take on challenges and implement instant changes as a unified team.
Right from the beginning, they have had great companies as their customers. The customers believe in their mission and solution. They support and also help them to improve the world-class product further. They have around 1M€ funding and a strong network of best-in-class advisors.
Challenges and Opportunities Faced by TalentAdore
TalentAdore uses Artificial Intelligence and Natural language processing (NLP) to make the unparalleled communication with candidates to happen, and they have a patent pending for the NLP algorithms they have created. Their unique technology converts recruiter’s evaluation of a candidate into readable human language and enables personal feedback and status update messages.
Happy Clients of TalentAdore
With automated personalized status updates and feedback, your candidates know all the time what is going on in the recruitment process. As a result, they stay interested in your company. and you have more time for human-oriented recruitment work. With TalentAdore’s intelligent feedback, the communication work becomes easier to do and, at the same time, highly appreciated. Based on our data, over 95% of candidates read the status updates and feedback messages up to 5 times each. Therefore, the system acts also as a unique marketing channel.
When you handle the recruitment with their VRA and give feedback to your candidates, up to 70% would recommend their friends and social circles to apply for your company. In contrast, use of conventional recruitment technologies would trigger a recommendation rate below 30%. All in all, you enhance your Employer Brand and find the right people for the job – now and in the future.
Future Executions of TalentAdore
The company is building even more advanced Talent Community and talent engagement technologies. In the long run, TalentAdore’s vision is to create a marketplace for talent without boundaries: in Talent Communities, candidates can help each other find relevant jobs and expand their skillset. Also, the company creates communities not only within, but between companies. In this way, truly open source candidate pools become reality and a win-win situation for companies, candidates and the society is created. The company is working on building their own the HR space for next generation recruitment and help companies to succeed during these times of recruitment revolution.

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