DON WHITE, CEO,North America,Synergy Logistics


Synergy Logistics is a software company delivering the cloud-based SnapFulfil warehouse management system (WMS). Synergy’s values are: customer focus, service delivery, and innovation. Our vision is to find and win the best customers in the world; believers in operational excellence who know that one of the pillars of their operations must be a dynamic and feature-rich WMS. Our mission is to grow healthy, stable customer relationships through the delivery of our application and our services with a focus on consistently improving value to our customers.
In the below interview with Insights Success, Don White, CEO, North America, shares details about the workings of Synergy.
What are the prominent services, products or solutions that Synergy offers?
In addition to SnapFulfil, we offer SnapData, a sophisticated analytics and reporting solution to help customers instantly identify business trends. Synergy is also developing SnapCart, a best-of-breed AMR, gaining a foothold in the automation market, as a time when facilities are seeking efficiency and labor scarcity solutions.
What are your views on current scenario of Supply Chain Solution industry?
It is fair to say that most companies who source internationally have had an interesting and challenging year. Government and business responding to a global pandemic created delay; various shelter or lock-down orders stifled workers and increased pick/pack/ship times for waiting customers. Finally, demand for e-commerce has grown faster than any analyst predicted. I believe that focusing on easy-to-use, powerful Supply Chain Execution solutions like SnapFulfil is one of the most valuable activities leaders can have. Workers cannot wait to return to work, and consumers cannot wait to gain the confidence that economies will recover and rebound – both those groups are primed to benefit from the right solution investments within warehouses.
How is the company utilizing technology to ensure that the supply chain is optimized and efficient?
A warehouse is the physical expression of a company’s goal, representing every activity from procurement through to marketing and demand planning – and every supply chain link between. Synergy Logistics SnapFulfil WMS makes the warehouse better; better able to adjust practices and processes to take advantage of new market opportunities; better suited for dynamic growth; better positioned to create trends than to follow them; finally, better prepared to bring the absolute highest value to the customer through improved SLAs and fewer errors.
The COVID-19 pandemic has enforced a ‘new normal’. How, according to you, will the industry change and modify its workings to meet the new requirements?
I believe the consumer market has shifted to an e-commerce focus much more quickly than anticipated due to shelter in place orders and the closing of some retail outlets / brick and mortar shopping centers. Unfortunately, I don’t see how – or truly why – a shift back will occur. I believe that companies focused on their retail locations and outlets will have to be nimble enough to either grow their e-commerce fulfillment operations, or will end up partnering with large dotcom sales offerings and losing some profit and some brand control. Now, most businesses will have to increase their operations portfolio to augment their B2B with an increasing B2C requirements.
Where do you envision your organization to be in the long run and what are your future goals?
Synergy’s focus is on earning new customers and growing across verticals and warehouse-complexity models. Today, we have nearly 130 customers on four continents – and over 200 warehouse sites are supported. Our plans include focusing on emerging companies riding a dynamic-growth wave in e-commerce fulfillment, and to specifically seek out larger enterprises looking for easy, multi-national rollout to their global distribution networks. Our goal, as always, is to keep every customer we earn with a focus on genuine satisfaction and on providing the best, smartest services we can.
About the Leader
Don White was appointed CEO of Synergy’s North America operations in January, 2020. He brings breadth of experience in operations, pre-sales engineering, project management and support. Don has worked with customers throughout the COVID-19 crisis to support and add value to their business. Shepherding Synergy North America through a global pandemic required the development and implementation of a unique remote implementation process. Don worked with the SnapFulfil project management team to provide a quality, reliable, and customer-focused “go live” process even while navigating remote work requirements. The new process now produces exactly the same positive results in adoption and use as a traditional onsite engagement, while maintaining SnapFulfil’s best of breed implementation speed of 45 – 60 days.