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Swift Pace Solutions: Moving IT Forward

In today’s world “IT Services and Solutions” industry is the center of attraction for transforming Global Economy. Growing technology is powerful, faster, more robust, and more capable than ever. But as the people are becoming more reliant upon technology to accomplish day to day goals, providing innovative IT solutions have emerged as a challenge now. To solve this challenge, Swift Pace Solutions has emerged with innovative IT solutions and services in various platforms.
Swift Pace Solutions is a Dallas based IT service company which believes in associating right people to the right place. With a team of experts having vast experience in the IT service industry, Swift Pace Solutions is dedicated towards rejuvenating the multi-dimensional way of approaching clients and consultants.
Swift Pace Solutions provides a wide range of services, which include, IT consulting for upgrading and enhancing business processes, staffing that meets organization’s ongoing project requirements and industrial expertise, i.e. ERP, Mobility, CRM and other IT technologies. Their solutions are focused to meet various business security and IT requirements.
Jay Basantkumar, Sr. Vice President, Sales and Marketing brings over 17 years of Sales and IT experience to Swift Pace Solutions. He is adept in working with Fortune 500 to mid-market companies and has led many successful projects. Some of the verticals he has worked on are – Telecom, Public Sector, Retail and ISV’s.
Jay has a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from University of Madras, India and MBA from University of Dallas. He is very focused and competent with current IT, Oracle and SAP landscape with a successful track record of delivering projects on or before deadlines.
Jay strikes a nice balance between inquiry and advocacy to drive results and build long-lasting relationships with clients and colleagues. At Swift Pace Solutions, he is responsible for the Sales and marketing activities.
CSR and Sustainability Initiatives
Swift Pace Solution’s incomparable passion towards introducing CSR and Sustainability initiatives, has allowed it to stand apart from other staffing and consulting firms. With the implementation of these initiatives their consultants are helping them to re-orient business process that helps to eradicate operational and data center optimization issues and provide certain sustainability advantages like fleet management, enhancing electronic data storage and increasing process efficiency.
ERP is considered to be a type of enterprise application, that is designed to be used by larger businesses and often requires dedicated teams to customize and analyze the data and to handle upgrades and deployment, often customized for a specific business industry or vertical.
At Swift Pace Solutions, the team strives hard to provide operational excellence by making the process simple and flexible, which will help them adapt to the changing environment. Whether an organization is planning to employ SAP or Oracle, Swift Pace ERP experts are equipped enough to be able to formulate a plan that will help businesses to implement ERP solutions successfully.
Application Development
With the ever-changing application development scenario, experts at Swift Pace Solutions have successfully delivered multiple custom solutions in CRM, ERP and other enterprise applications with Microsoft .NET as the base platform
Cloud Storage
Being versatile is Swift Pace Solution’s forte. So, whether its off-site storage or hosting an application in the cloud they provide their client’s with cloud application solutions that best fits any type of organizational needs.
Furthermore, the SWIFT Pace AWS partner leverages the AWS ease of use, flexibility, security and reliable services. It proves company’s commitment towards providing quality in their services.
Mobility is at the niche of digital transformation. Mobile devices have transformed from just enabling business emails and data on the move to mobilizing enterprise applications, driving innovation and changing the way companies do business. Today, mobility solutions and services help companies leverage contextual and real time data to reach out to their customers, employees and partners anytime, anywhere. Swift Pace Solutions Inc. designs, develops, implements and manages mobility solutions for organizations, which aligns with various business objectives. They master in providing mobility solutions and consulting services that drive outcomes and solutions, thus fuelling business performance.
Managed Staffing
For any business, having qualified, engaged and productive workforce is the only key to success. Changing employment scenario has however made the entire process of finding, hiring and maintaining work force, a challenging task. Thus, Swift Pace Solutions is dedicated towards creating an extraordinary customer service experience, by closely working with their clients to understand their businesses, IT needs and screen for the right candidates from their talent pool and deliver the staff that will help fulfill their client’s requirements. They provide a wide variety of services that range from providing technical staff augmentation, comprehensive workforce management solutions, direct placement services and complete management technology projects.
Swift Pace Solutions is dedicated in providing consultants that are experienced and consist of the right mix of skills that will work with an array of IT tools, within any organization throughout the endeavor.
Swift Pace Solutions has already left its foot print globally by partnering with some of the most renowned companies of the world such as: – Irving Las Colinas, Amazon Web Services, Oracle Gold Partner, Hortonworks, Dallas/Fort Worth, SAP Partner Edge.