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Swift Pace Solutions

Swift Pace Solutions Inc.: Offering Exemplary IT Solutions Globally

Technology has a profound existence all around us. From our day to day tasks at home to heavy manufacturing of mega structures, we rely on technology, and the IT industry is no exception. Companies rely on outsourcing to setup their infrastructure, in order to enhance the performance of their workforce. However, at one point it becomes difficult to segment the size of companies. While the big players have limited service providers, small companies are on their own, and the mid-range is left with no option. To cater to this dire necessity, enters, Swift Pace Solutions Inc. 
Swift Pace Solutions is an IT consulting and staffing firm which made up of a passionate group of individuals that are dedicated in targeting the areas of the organizations that need optimization. Its customers can choose from a wide range of services, which include, IT consulting for upgrading and enhancing business processes, staffing that meets an organization’s ongoing project requirements and industrial expertise i.e. ERP, Mobility, CRM and other IT technologies. Swift Pace’s solutions are focused to meet any businesses security and IT requirements.
Founded in 2013, Swift Pace Solutions realized the severe shortage of IT Services for the Mid -Market. Most of the enterprises were caught with nowhere to turn as they were either dealing with multi-billion dollar IT Services entities or small mom-pop services companies that could not keep pace with the fast and ever-changing IT Landscape. Swift Pace is equipped with latest technologies, be it mobile computing, Digital transformation, cloud-based solutions and Automation (manual or Robotic Process). Its vision is to enable customers perform at their highest level by seamlessly utilizing cutting edge technologies with minimum disruption.
A Comprehensive Product line 
Swift Pace Solutions has been one of the leaders of disruptive technology evolution. Automation has grown as one of the biggest technological advancements that are happening currently, and Swift Pace specializes in both Robotic Process Automation (Blue Prism, UI Path, Automation Anywhere) and manual automation (Python). It specializes in Information security, Business Intelligence and storage solutions with Cloud and Devops. Businesses need a lot of support in areas like Data management – security, storage and AI. These specializations help Swift Pace stand head and shoulders above competition as they are still trying to grasp at the ropes.
The Unorthodox leader 
Most of the IT Services organizations have been formed by people who are in Sales or business development. Swift Pace broke the norm when it was founded by Lavinia Noble Surjove, the CEO, who takes pride in solving IT problems or potential roadblocks for clients who want to move forward or are trying to make a difference. Her IT background and hands on approach propels the company’s technology team to be always abreast of what’s happening in the technology world and puts it in the forefront as a technology disrupter. She empowers her team to always challenge themselves and not to settle for anything less than potential. Her experience across various technologies and industry verticals over 20 years is a great asset for Swift Pace Solutions.
Competition Within 
A healthy competition is appropriate for the industry as it keeps the players motivated to keep on innovating and pushing beyond the opportunities. However, Swift Pace as a company does not worry too much about competition. Its primary concern is about empowering its employees and providing the best services to its clients. Its focus is on how to better serve the industry and being thought leaders in its space. The recent years went great for the company with several partnerships and accolades that have come its way. This puts Swift Pace in an elite list of companies, at the upper echelons of IT Services Industry.
Breaking the Stereotypes 
First challenge is to remove the fear from the minds of clients, that IT Services providers take money and don’t complete projects, which lands the customers in a mess. Removing the fear and allowing them to open about their pain points is an arduous task. Swift Pace has had many a project stumble because it was not given the information that was critical. The company has overcome that by asking customers the right questions and probe for more information than what is just presented. Also, it does a lot of research on the client prior to speaking with them so they have some knowledge beforehand. Just because IT is constantly evolving, clients do not need to upgrade or change their technology, Swift Pace runs into this a lot with a push to change because they want to change but there is no requirement to upgrade as far as the business is good. This is another area of challenge as well.
Excellence through Adversities
Some of the achievements that Swift Pace has earned during the last few years were getting recognized by several media outlets for its work with the customers. Working for the Public Sector has been a lesson as there are several bureaucracy hurdles that it had to overcome. The company’s sales cycles were long relative to the work needed by the agencies. Getting certified by certain agencies was a challenge as the company needed those certifications to help clients. Satisfaction and surprise on clients face after successfully completing a project that was thought impossible and within time and budget estimated was an achievement.
Aspiring a Comprehensive Industry Dominance 
Like every growing IT company, Swift Pace aims to be a leader in every IT field that it works in. It has an established process and hires according to the same. It provides training to employees and encourages them to make decisions, always keeping the best interest of the client in mind. The company’s tenacity to handle complex IT problems and ability to meet and exceed client goals has been its laser focus. It aims to sustain and keep improving itself to maintain the high bar that it has set. Challenges are that, there is standardizing across the globe. Swift Pace’s offices in India and Middle East are fast catching up to the USA Offices (Dallas and New Jersey). It is set to open offices soon in Australia and Europe to the growing list of offices to help serve its clients locally in the global marketplace.
Data, security, Automation, Mobile computing, BI and AI, these are the future and companies need to embrace them. Desktops and Laptops are being replaced by Tablets and mobiles at an astonishing pace. There is so much of information out there; going through that information is hard, ability to discern what data is important to whom using BI has become of utmost importance. This is where Swift Pace Solutions sustains itself, collecting, cleaning, storing, securing and finally making sense of data.
Reflections of Efficiency 
“Swift Pace Solutions Inc. came at a very critical time when we were moving our applications to the cloud and we were not prepared to handle this change. They helped us move our applications, data and helped our internal IT team on how to handle post implementation. We moved 118 applications around the globe” – VP of Applications, Major Telecom Provider.
“Some of the Applications that we were working on, was very repetitive and tedious, when other providers told us that we could not automate the process, Swift Pace came in and automated the process and helped us to quicken the application tremendously. We are able to now handle large volumes of data with minimal errors thanks to Swift Pace Solutions” – Director of IT – Auto Loans, Fortune 500 Bank
Source: Major League of IT Consulting And Staffing Solution Providers 2018