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Sunny Dronawat: A Passionate Entrepreneur

Today, ambitious and innovative Indian individuals are dominating the industrial sector. However grabbing the right opportunity in such tenacious competition and parading towards delivering ultimate performance is commendable. Dr. Sunny Dronawat, Co-Founder and CEO of POS on cloud, is one such individual who has proven himself to be a 360 degree entrepreneur. The notable alumnus of University of Louisville has a Ph.D. in chemical engineering and a MBA in entrepreneurship.
Sunny has asserted various business platforms, and had been in board of directors list of some prestigious organizations like: Jefferson Community and Technical College, Kentucky, National Small Business Association in Washington DC, and Louisville Water Company, Louisville, Kentucky, where his business experience and ability to solve problems have always enlightened the organizations. He is also the President of Samiteon, IT Services Company, which develops product improving strategies, data security and data appliance services. He runs a micro wind and solar hybrid system, green energy start-up, West Wind Power, which is a low wind velocity power generation unit combined with solar panels to create cost effective system. The West Wind Power also accounts for its saliency in design that can be helpful in off grid and low velocity wind environments.  He is also a business partner of Bellwether Software and Gauri Hospitality Group.
Dr. Sunny also works as Director and Advisor for various enterprises as well, including Contineo, Yarana feeds and Farms and Predictive Business Intelligence, India. He has been adjacent professor at Louisville and Indiana University. Being a philanthropist, he has been involved with different community activities including the Indian Community, Kentucky, Hindu Temple of Kentucky, and also served as Chairman of India Community Foundation, Louisville. The protean businessman shared the insights behind his versatility.
Dr. Sunny’s Ingredients of Inspiration
He states that his friends, partners and family members have been his power ingredients. The co-operation and trust of his business partners has encouraged him to pedal in different sectors. The real inspiration in his life is his father and mother. He further adds that his father’s visionary approach and mother’s dedication has always inspired him to enhance his abilities. However, the support of his wife Harsha and two daughters Sanya and Sachi is a source of vitality for him. The data information security innovations have been the genuine source of inspiration for Sunny.
POS on Cloud: An exceptional service caterer
A Cloud Company was a pioneer idea in 2010, thus the POS on Cloud is one of the prior to reach the mark. Under Dr. Sunny’s guidance POS on Cloud has gained considerable success rates and has catered exceptional customer service to many popular individuals within the short span of three years. Their innovative management has helped the organization to move forward on the path of glorious succession.  The Real Time Reporting, Business Security, Speed of Service, 24*7 customer support and delighting offers for customers has been some of the eminent features that the company has catered reliably.
The Vision Executives
According to Sunny, a CEO is a visionary executive of the organization that consistently works on building a professional environment and helps in improvement of community, associates, customers, vendors and stakeholders. He states that a cordial relation with community stakeholders is an essential aspect that improves organizational viability. However, leader’s overconfidence and arrogance can ruin the endeavour; thus, the CEO must be harmonious and encouraging. The sector is accumulating with a fast pace and inviting many potential competitors. One must be innovative to sustain the dominance as the business models are ever changing. Sunny suggests efficiency, reliable and easier service business models and process implementation which empower customers. To grasp the current trends he particularly focuses on customer meetings and pursuits various trade events. The close observation of competitors also caters in advanced product manufacturing. He encourages fellow associates in beneficiary engagements with customers and vendors, which lead to favourable opportunities. This brainstorming leads to opportunity identification and further results in new ideas. The customer appreciates the immediate, adaptive and satisfactory problem solving process of POS on Cloud.
Further Expansions, Ideas and Innovations
POS on Cloud has flourished with the leadership of Sunny Dronawat, and has been continuously bringing innovative products every year; and to add another feather on their cap, the management is further planning to develop products in payment processing, business analytics and accounting products.
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