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Strategies to Promote Positive Customer Reviews

Have you ever wondered why some sites have loaded comment section and others don’t? Well, the relation with customers is super volatile until your brand name has set concrete foot in the market. To get customers to leave reviews, there is pattern that should be followed to promote a business idea so that it reaches the public and transforms them into value adding customers.

Here are a few strategies which will help you encourage customers to write reviews on your website.
Public Review Platforms
Most of the time, people read about your product on social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other review pages before landing on the idea of actually buying the product. To target the maximum number of people, it is crucial to have active and attractive pages on these websites such that they create curiosity in the minds of the viewers of the page and compel them to spend more time reading about your company and products/ services.
Mouth publicity is yet another thing but today people rely more on the comments left by people who actually bought the products. People leaving ratings on shopping websites are not even aware of the actual seller and leave the comments on the retailer’s page. It is the seller who is supposed to keep himself updated about the customer’s responses.
Optimize Your Content
After so much effort to get the customers on your website, it is important that they add value to your business. Hence always try to maintain a simple path with short steps for the buyers to approach towards the buying deal. Avoid redirecting to too many pages in the progressive clicks; it might take away the interest and hence the deals off the table. Keep your blogs and other posts up to date with the new releases in the market.
The most important part is the customer service system and feedback systems. Provide only those contact mails and numbers which are in service. Add life to your website with the appropriate content and contact information, it will in turn magnetize a whole lot of crowd that visit your page until the deal is cracked!
Responding to Customers
If you attentively observed the web pages that are loaded with reviews, you will notice that the person handling the page is in active communication with the people commenting on the page. Customers are humans and hence they are attracted towards compassion and empathy. While you respond to the clients, you are making them feel secure about having an opinion on your products. In this way the others who read your reply clearly understand you value the buyer’s response and attend to them actively.
Attending to the reviews on the social sites and other pages only increases the number of people involved in leaving comments and hence involved in your business. Give equal importance to critics and the complements in the feed. Try to respond as quickly as possible, it makes the writer feel attended and valued.
The bottom line is, the more you interact with your clients and buyers, the more they will feel valued. As a result, you own more customers every day, your clients go home satisfied and your business earns revenue. Hence it’s a WIN-WIN-WIN situation for all!
– Namita Patil

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