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Srishtis Innovative: Agile Work Methodology and Innovative Solutions

Krishnadas T Pisharam, CEO and president of Srishtis innovative, founded company in 2007, with a core team of 10 talented tech engineers out of a rented house but now, they are 150+ strong team that has delivered 1700+ applications on web to global clients. The journey has been truly remarkable and a source of great personal learning for the team of Srishti. Being a consultant and being in key managerial roles with leading Fortune 500 Companies for 14 years, in India and overseas, gave him the requisite expertise and a strong people orientation to initiate this endeavor. Srishti Innovative was born with the hope that it would significantly contribute to the economic development and create job opportunities for the people of Kerala. Krishnadas is also a thought leader in the field of converging application technologies and is a prominent speaker in leading technology forums.
Under his leadership, Srishti has received several National and International accolades that recognized company’s continued commitment of creating powerful solutions in the area of Applications and Web Development built on the back of innovation, efficiency and customer satisfaction and brings tremendous validation to Srishti’s vision and future aspirations.
The service offerings include Web based Applications and Consulting, Mobile Application Development, Enterprise Applications & Mobility Solutions, Cloud Enablement Services. The team of 120+ experienced technology engineers works on Agile Work Methodology and provides innovative solutions to clients so that they consistently receive high quality solutions that are scalable and cost effective.
Strong customer service approach
Understanding the customer life-cycle, making business changes that unify the client experience across all touch points and measuring the value of these changes for both business and the client. Srishti ensure their clients are happy by addressing their needs, have a strong customer service approach to project management, empowering employees to take customer first decisions, being completely transparent and honest at all times.
To optimize both market share and margins, Srishti provide clients with consistent, compelling experiences. Putting ‘Customer First’ is the overarching focus at Srishti. Srishti maintain market leadership by Strengthening the core business with hands-on account management through a cross platform team consisting of Project Manager, Business Analysts, Development Team and Quality Analysts, Driving new sources of revenue by adding service offerings, target markets and customer segments, Deepening client affiliation with on-time solutions, meet global standards and extend offshore cost advantage, Using Agile Flow and ISO frameworks to remove project delivery slack.
Quality beyond Contract
Here at Srishti, the company watchwords – “Quality beyond Contract” are taken very seriously and exemplified in all realms of their work. The journey this far has been incredible, exciting and a source of great personal learning. None of this would have been possible without the perseverance and hard work of the team at Srishti. Srishti vision is to be the best in the industry; to be a trusted partner that upholds the interests of our clients at all times. The company owes its astronomical success to its inspired leadership team. Srishti’s management is committed to creating a vibrant, customer- focused, next-gen services company.