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Sole’renity Spa: Ensuring Finest Health and Wellness Treatments

As one of the growing new industries on the market today, the wellness industry is no exception. Various Spa treatments are the emerging trend and demonstrate a growing desire to rejuvenate one’s youth and sustain a healthy Wellness lifestyle.

Sole’renity Spa, Inc. (“the Company”) is an up-scale brand that offers a comprehensive suite of services and retail products in a relaxing first-class atmosphere replete with a nail lounge and private spa rooms designed to provide bestof- class therapeutic sessions for individuals and groups. Based in Sulphur, Oklahoma where the flagship Sole’renity Spa is located, it is the intention of the Company to expand across the United States within targeted and defined regional markets. To this end, the Company help launch additional corporate and franchise locations starting in Oklahoma and Texas. Franchises will receive hands-on training at the Company’s headquarters, as well as on-site training during initial start-up along with ongoing training and support to ensure consistent quality across all its franchise locations.

Holistic and Therapeutic Methods 
Founded by Rhonda Mordecai-Pitmon, Sole’renity Spa was conceptualized through the journey, grace, and vision of God, starting with the name Sole’renity. Founder’s belief in Christ and compassion towards others fueled her quest to open a spa sanctuary where guests have opportunities for healing, meditation, reflection, and relaxation. In 2011, Sole’renity Spa opened its doors to present customers with an exceptional up-scale, boutique day spa experience. Originally located in the heart of Gainesville, Texas, Sole’renity Spa is now located in the historic Artesian Hotel and is recognized as one of the top ten family spa destinations and one of the Top 100 Spas of America providing guests with the finest health and wellness treatments, through holistic and therapeutic methods, within a relaxing spa sanctuary for women, men, and children.

Wellbeing of Mind, Body and Sole 
Sole’renity Spa offers a luxury one-stop option to discerning individuals seeking top-quality and innovative health and wellness services, along with signature products and gifts. Services include Hand and Feet Treatments, Hair Removal, Massage Therapy, Skin Care, Body Treatments, and Sole’renity Spa Journey packages – all for the pure luxury and pampering of clients in an unmatched spa escape that provides clients with a renewed sense of wellbeing in mind, body and sole. First time customers are usually surprised at the level of dedication and service they receive, which keeps them coming back often, and results in them purchasing a membership and becoming a customer for life.

Professionally Trained Services 
Sole’renity Spa utilizes professionally trained, licensed massage therapists to provide massage treatments including Swedish, hot stone, deep tissue, and aromatherapy. Massage facilitates relaxation and wellbeing by relieving tension and anxiety, improving blood flow and circulation, enhancing sleep quality and concentration, and reducing stress and fatigue. For those curious about how much a massage chair is, resources are available to help you explore various options and prices.

Passionate and Skilled Leadership 
Spearheading the Sole’renity Spa brand is its founder, Rhonda Pitmon, a veteran owner who is an entrepreneur-minded leader and innovator in the spa industry. Rhonda has worked in the industry in both Texas and Oklahoma for over 25 years. She is highly skilled in developing the brand image and growing the brand. She is a seasoned, hardworking and dedicated licensed professional, who through her years in the business has developed an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the spa industry and its market dynamics.
Rhonda is passionate about the business and helping others. She has the proven ability to lead the Company to long term success and sustainable profitability while strategically growing the brand’s geographical footprint by opening new corporate and franchise locations. The Company anticipates opening its next spa in Oklahoma City, followed by additional Oklahoma and Texas locations.
Rhonda Pitmon is also the proprietor of Little Soles Kid Spa. Little Soles Kid Spa was developed from the devotion in the spa industry to teach children about spa services such as manicures, pedicures, facials, and chair massage in a colorful fun their setting while promoting self-image for kids while treating their hands and feet and pampering their soles so sweet. She is passionate about enriching the lives of children and grooming our next generation of spa-goers.

Expansion through Innovative Approach 
Sole’renity Spa’s flagship location has successfully established itself as the premier fashionable, full-service spa through its innovative approach, becoming synonymous with fine customer care and top-quality services. Marketing for each new location will include a combination of time-tested methods, including traditional marketing, social media, and a robust search engine optimization and online marketing campaign, and using strong community outreach in each market it opens.
Sole’renity intends to become a marquee spa and massage business, with a unique and faith-based spa service that is more geared toward high-end consumers and tourists than most massage or spa franchises.

Quintessential Spa Experience 
Since its inception in 2011, Sole’renity Spa is what I believe to be the quintessential spa experience. Its model has relaxation for mind and body at its core; absolutely no shortcuts are taken to making the Sole’renity experience true to its name and its mission. Stepping into Sole’renity gives the mind a release of the world’s worries and the senses, an almost ethereal experience. From the outstanding staff, style and beauty, soothing sounds, surrounding warmth, sensual smells, and relaxing touch, Sole’renity is my mecca. Once I’m there, I never want to leave. – Lucy, CREATE, the ad agency