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Socialbakers: The ‘One And All’ SaaS Solution Provider to all Digital Marketing Queries

Any business is tricky while digital marketing is the most challenging part of it. Due to vast developments in the technology, staying ahead of the changing trends and the market demands have become the common goal of any entrepreneur. Technology has been playing a great role in every aspect of human life while the businessmen all around the globe have embraced it wholeheartedly. Digital marketing had taken a big hit when it was incorporated with AI. Many digital marketing solution providers have taken root to help capitalists in their business and help them climb the ladder of success.
However, Socialbakers is standing out among the crowd. While every other company has its platform which offers service to its clients, Socialbakers followed a different path by offering digital marketing service powered with Artificial Intelligence (AI).
The Man Leading the Team of Innovators
Having a profound experience of 20 years in entrepreneurship at both private and public companies, Yuval Ben-Itzhak is the captain of this army of designers and developers. Currently serving as the CEO, Yuval has a prior experience of serving as CTO at Outbrain; one of the leading content discovery platform. Five years as CTO at AVG Technologies; where he played a key role in taking the company public, CTO of Finjain, a cybersecurity company, where he led six international groups are the other experience cards in his kit. He is also the Co-Founder of, KaVaDo; a web application security software company. Yuval is a graduate of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel and a holder of 20 U.S. patents. He is also a frequent commentator in the media and speaks regularly on technology topics.
The Guide to all Social Media Problems
Socialbakers allows marketers to be successful in understanding their audiences, to better personalize content creation and to engage and grow their customer base. Socialbakers’ easy-to-use SaaS marketing suite enables customers to analyze social media data, optimize performance, execute content strategy and manage social communities effectively.  This suite will help the clients in generating great content, publish content at the time when their audience is most active, compare their content strategy, and make smarter advertisement decisions to improve campaigns against industry benchmarks. With fully customizable dashboards, the Socialbakers solution monitors and reports the impact of marketer’s social media activities on their community and business.
Powered by AI, this suite allows marketers to learn the outstanding content created by other marketers around the world. This knowledge later can be used in developing and delivering content that resonates more deeply with the audience and returns real value for the brand. It also enables marketers to gain data-driven predictions and recommendations on the best time to publish their content. The platform shares the content posted by marketers across multiple channels and ranks all of the posts by engagement. The team at Socialbakers is very client friendly. It takes its time to analyze the issues and provide a solution. Socialbakers have studied that one of the main challenges faced by marketers was that they needed between 3-5 different tools to manage their social media. This single solution platform created by Socialbakers manages all social media related issues. It also acts on predictions and recommendations, manages the content, community, social ads, and analyzes the performances with visuals and reports. Yuval adds saying, “From an easy-to-understand the grading system to an overview of the best posts, our tool makes sure that every dollar invested on social media is money well-spent.”
The Technology Driven Marketing Suite
Socialbakers with its unique and innovative approach towards marketing is the owner of a marketing suite powered by the pervasive power of AI. While this suite has already proven its efficiency in generating great content, publish content at the time when the clients’ audience is most active.
The new addition to this suite has crowned it as the most favored marketing tool in business. Audience Segmentation, the extended platform provides marketers with insights into their audience personas, the content they engage with, their main interests and the influencers they trust. The biggest advantage of this new offering is that the client can have access to all these information in just one click. This additional feature is an expert at identifying the different personas within an audience based on their behavior and interests. By integrating social with other digital data sources and leveraging the power of AI and machine learning technologies, Audience Segmentation helps marketers better understand each unique audience, so they can reach them with relevant content in the right channel in real time.
“By adding AI-powered Audience Segmentation to our platform, we are turning data into productivity. We are solving key challenges faced by many brands today, such as what does my audience engage with, what interests do they have and who do they trust?”, explains Yuval.
The other new offering which has proved its efficiency is the Influencer Management. This additional offering enables marketers to identify macro and micro influencers that their audience trusts, engages with and share similar interests to. With this, marketers can leverage smart recommendations to help them discover the social media influencers that are the best fit for their audience and to measure their performance and impact on the campaign at the click of a button. Launch of Socialbakers’ Influencer Management lets marketers to access the industry’s largest database of influencers and select the right one based on their influencer score within the selected audience persona. By accessing Socialbakers’ Influencer Management directly within the Socialbakers Suite marketers can replace the time and budget intensive manual search and performance monitoring with a one-click digital solution.
Success Stories and Global Accolades 
Socialbakers is much appreciated for its cutting-edge AI-powered social media marketing suite that gives marketers one tool to manage all social media related issues. Among the roster of many satisfied clients, Socialbakers is proud to offer its services to companies such as Nestle, L’OREAL, TOYOTA, Microsoft and Airtel.
This unique platform of Socialbakers has rescued many corporations facing troubles in managing their digital audience. This service of Socialbakers has brought honors from around the globe. It has been listed among the 5000 List of the Fastest Growing Companies in Europe by the 2018 Inc. It has also been listed in the Top 10 Digital Marketing Analytics Solution Providers by Marketing Tech Outlook in the year 2017. In the year 2017 Socialbakers was listed among the 1000 Fastest Growing Companies in Europe by Financial Times.
Future Endeavors
Socialbakers has announced the launch of two new modules within the Socialbakers Suite namely, the Socialbakers Audiences and Influencers. These modules have been designed in such a way that it enables the marketers to build accurate personas within their audience, improve targeting, and select influencers based on how well they match their audience and business. As many marketers in today’s world are experiencing a challenge to manage the digital audience and business, Socialbakers have come to rescue such marketers with their unique social media platform.
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