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Social Media on Upcoming Features

We the so-called Humans—an intelligent species on planet Earth always been in a race for the better technological outcomes from time to time.
‘If certain things are working in a proper manner, it doesn’t mean they cannot be improved,’ with this belief, there has been consistent provision for better and easy innovation. With every invention in the field of science and technology, a bar has been set for its further improvisation.
A statistical study clearly indicates, in 2017 about 2.4 billion people were on social media, from which approximately 2.2 billion active users were from Facebook itself followed by Twitter,  Snapchat and Instagram with 330 million, 187 million and 800 million overall users respectively. With a growing demand for new features, social networking sites are putting up there more time into algorithms with new featuring content.
Facebook to introduce 3D posts in Newsfeed
Facebook is known as the biggest platform for social media networking, so they have to maintain a reputation by giving constant innovative updates. Nowadays, people are most likely to be obsessed to pull the virtual world into reality. As AR, VR, and 3D-imaging are considerably taken as a new ‘big thing’ after the introduction of smartphones; giants of social media industries are planning on the compatibility of their products with virtual as well as augmented reality.
Imagine what if you can sculpt a 3D model and share in on Facebook, and also will be able to play with it in VR as well as in AR? Doesn’t it sound exciting, to share your creation 3 dimensionally?
Developers are not only planning for an interactive 3D model in newsfeed but also to post it on Facebook spaces like the playground and Virtual hangout rooms. For example, if you created a metallic customized chess piece from 3D modeling app then Facebook will help you to share it on your timeline as well as into your playground space where you can use it in native chess games. This 3D post supports the industry standard gITf2.0 file format, which allows customization of textures, lighting and realistic rendering of rough and shiny objects. But Facebook won’t be providing the 3D tools or apps; a third-party application will be used for creating the 3D model. In future, there is a possibility of Facebook introducing it’s own 3D emoji feature against to Snapchat bitmoji.
Snapchat Redesigning
Snapchat was long planning for the redesigning of the app, so they may introduce new features and make it more compatible with the users. CEO Evan Spiegel claimed that new designed application will be more friendly and interesting to use. According to some reports, Snapchat is more focusing on revenue generation structure hence, redesigning has implemented the separation of social and professional work features. The applications still open up with the camera giving old version feel but swiping left and right have some changed features, left will be for chat and stories whereas,  right will be for publishers and professional pages. Introducing these new features did create some controversy over the opposition by many users, but Snapchat stands committed to its new design and expect people to get habituated to it.
Meanwhile, you as a user will now be able to edit your snap with GIF’s and post it as stories. This was possible with the bond made between SC with Giffy which allows total access to Giffy’s database directly through the Snapchat app. Moreover, they have included a best friend algorithm which will analyze and put forward most chatted friends accordingly. With a new update, Snapchat will alter the recent version with a new one.
Instagram Update: Privacy matters
Instagram is one of the biggest giants in picture sharing industry, which is a foremost part of Facebook Inc. IG stories are the most popular way to share content on social media but just sharing of images and videos isn’t always the best way to share one’s view, this is where the old plain text helps in a better way. IG has introduced a new ‘type’ feature which will help you to share your views in the form of texts; you can also change fonts and preferences of background as per you like.
Putting privacy in consideration, IG is testing a feature, where a person will be informed with a notification whenever someone takes a screenshot of his/her story. But it has cut some slack for users—it won’t notify on the first strike but for the second it definitely will. As it is under developing, only glimpse of information is revealed.
In the future, we will witness more possibilities of new technological innovations in social media space.
–  Bhushan Ghate