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SmartWitness: A Dynamic Manufacturer of Vehicle CCTV, Telematics and Tracking Products

With a staggering 263.6 million registered vehicles in the United States itself, vehicles have become the most expensive and luxurious asset an individual or business owns or operates – after property. Although, vehicles are often installed with an extensive collection of safety equipment such as fire alarms, intruder alarms and CCTV systems, they have largely been ignored, and there is still a big scope to make things better and safer for drivers. Identifying driving risks while recording and detecting driving events – either after the event or in real-time – SmartWitness sets on to provide exceptional results and solutions that undeniably redefine the way vehicle risk is analyzed.
SmartWintess’s line-up of network connected products accompanying REST API have allowed its video and data to be seamlessly integrated with GPS tracking and fleet management software, ushering in the new era of Video Telematics. In its 10th year of operation, SmartWitness is a world leading designer, manufacturer, and supplier of vehicle cameras, recorders, and software. Since its inception, SmartWitness has launched 5 generations of products and has installed them into over 250,000 vehicles worldwide. SmartWitness technology has helped drivers and businesses; identify and improve driver behavior, reduce incidents, provide visual and analytical proof, reduce insurance costs and protect brands, resulting in savings, better ROI and increased operating efficiencies for its customers.
Pioneer of the Commercial Dashcam Market
Being one of the pioneers in the Commercial Dashcam market, SmartWitness launched its first Non-Connected Commercial Dashcam in 2009, and the first Connected Dashcam with stunning features such as 2nd camera input, HD, Monitor, Integration ports in 2013. This year, it has launched the first multi-purpose Connected Vehicle Device, incorporating, Dashcam, ADAS, Telematics and Connectivity.
“Connected camera devices, such as Smart Witness KP1, and the forthcoming next generation KP2 have been designed to accurately record events leading up to and during a collision, helping the fleet manager to understand the causes of the accident and use the footage to train other drivers which has been proven to reduce traffic accidents by 50% or more, and reduce insurance costs,” asserts Paul Singh, CEO of SmartWitness.
This advancement in the usage of connected cameras, with Automotive Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) functionality, is even more significant when you think that there will be 371 million automotive cameras on the roads within the next five years, meaning camera safety features will be standard on many vehicles, with (ADAS) predicted to make up to 51 percent of that growth.
Disrupting Commercial Auto Insurance
Eventually, cameras will be able to scan for people and animals in the road, read road signs and scan for other imminent problems, such as road surface conditions, a curve that requires more of a slowdown than we think; scanning around the car always, in a 360-degree arc.
However, though, breakthrough technologies such as – SmartWitness’ new connected camera, the KP2 – are disrupting commercial auto insurance. Instant remote access to on-board video and telematics data give insurers FNOL data needed to deal with claims proactively.
Additionally, SmartWitness’ insurance partners are reporting a combined 28% reduction in claim frequency and 20% reduction in average claim cost resulting in an average performance improvement of 42% for policyholders.
Thoroughly Researched and Tested to the Highest Standards
SmartWitness technology is thoroughly researched and developed in-house at its R&D centers in the UK, USA, and South Korea. By using premium quality components from technology leaders such as Sony, Bosch, Telit, U-Blox, Sierra Wireless and Taoglas, SmartWitness is able to ensure class-leading reliability and market leading performance. All products are tested, certified and approved to the highest standards, and are in operation in over 50 countries worldwide. Its extensive experience with commercial fleets has enabled SmartWitness to develop products that are able to withstand the rigors of all roads, journeys and obstacles.
SmartWitness’ revolutionary solutions assist transport businesses in a constant battle to keep down the cost of running a fleet of vehicles. When it comes down to minimizing costs after an incident involving a third party, timing and recording the right information is key. “We enable fleet operators and insurers to move proactively and with absolute confidence on instant incident information, putting businesses and insurer partners firmly in control of the claim from the off, mitigating both credit hire and claim spend costs,” Paul adds.
Meet the Maestro
Paul is a successful Entrepreneur and Innovator. In 2007, he launched SmartWitness along with the world’s first Vehicle Incident Cameras (now better known as Dashcams). Then in 2009 the first 3G transmission Vehicle Incident Camera range followed, for which Paul holds many crucial technology patents.
He and the other key board members have more than 75 years’ of experience in CCTV, digital video recording, public safety, networking & communications, workforce security, vehicle protection, GPS tracking, and Telematics. The executive staff is poised to lead SmartWitness into an exciting New Auto Reality where connected, autonomous vehicles are the norm.

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