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SmartHalo: Illuminating the Future of Biking

Cycling is synonymous to a healthy lifestyle, greener environments and smarter cities. It is part of a progressive movement which we all want to be a part of. Adopting the bicycle is easy: most trips in cities proves to be faster by bike than by a car, and owning a bike costs a whole less than any other vehicle. It also costs less to governments to build pathways for cyclists, since it has less of an impact on city infrastructures. It’s really a win-win situation.
SmartHalo was born out of the interlacement of sophisticated technologies and elegant simplicity. It’s a device that provides advanced features without overwhelming the cyclists who need to focus on the many stimuli of urban environments. With an ambition of turning this idea into reality, the journey of this startup began from its office in Montreal, the biking capital of North America. However, SmartHalo is more than that; it’s a long-term vision on how bikes can improve the society and our lifestyle.
SmartHalo is a smart biking device designed mainly for urban cyclists. It has a military-grade locking system that ensures it to stay permanently on the handlebar to assist the rider whenever needed. The intuitive navigation system helps take the quickest and safest routes to the desired destination of the cyclist. Automatic tracking capabilities save the biking metrics seamlessly. The powerful front light illumes the path in dark. Another smart feature of SmartHalo is its loud bicycle alarm that keeps the bike safe from thieves when the rider is not around.
The Enthusiastic Founder of SmartHalo:
Xavier Peich, the Co-Founder of SmartHalo completed a Master’s degree in International Studies before joining politics. It was after that when he started to work more passionately in project management and eventually went on to Co-found the company.
Xavier is a cycling enthusiast who loves seeing his projects through, which definitely helped him to stay motivated concerning the launch of SmartHalo. His passion led him to develop the accessories to make bicycles smart. This contribution helped shape the leisure and commuter markets within the cycling industry, giving a surge in momentum to the overall sports.
Surpassing the Initial Challenge
The initial challenge originated with the realization that after the wildly successful Kickstarter campaign, it was time for the company to deliver and this was more than just an idea. The production delay was longer than expected and it took almost years of rigorous testing and product development. This process was much longer and costlier than expected. It delayed delivery to the clients and the official launch of the product numerous times. “We were so elated when we finally shipped all the units and started shipping units live,” said Peich.
Another big challenge for the inventors was to make sure SmartHalo fit in any bike, right in the center of the handlebar. After months of sketching and modeling, an elegant, durable and minimalist solution was found.
The Magical Journey
SmartHalo is beautifully designed inside and out. There is no on/off button – its sophisticated sensor detects the presence of the rider. When the ride gets finished with the trip, it automatically shuts down. This leads to amazing battery life under standard usage; SmartHalo lasts for around three weeks in a single charge.
SmartHalo is designed especially for urban cyclists and aims to track fitness metrics and display speed in an intuitive manner, and introduces new ways with its goal setting fitness hub. It works like a Fitness tracker with a speedometer on it. It helps motivate the owner to take the bike out more often.
The company and its application help the rider to ride smartly with a minimalist interface that provides navigation, automatic lighting, and an alarm and fitness tracker. SmartHalo offers an entirely enhanced biking experience by turning the bike into a smart bike. The company also aims to work with cities to improve infrastructure and safety for cyclists through concrete data.
SmartHalo can also be considered as a huge design success story as it merges the best of both functionality and simplicity into a strong device that “works like magic.”
Moving Ahead of the Race
Reflecting on the company’s future perspective, Xavier Peich mentions, “We expect SmartHalo to keep improving on the current product hardware and software components, to release more features for its users and to push the industry forward as we demand more of our bikes.” 
SmartHalo also has future prospects for contributing to the development of smart cities and getting involved in improving mobility, data collection, and green initiatives. The company is expected to advocate for the cycling movements and bring back the popularity of the two wheelers as a solution to many of the problems faced by cities and urban centers.
To conclude, SmartHalo plays a tremendous role in developing the sports industry and makes biking a lot more safer, accessible, fun, and appealing. From a cultural standpoint, the goal of the startup is to change the way people are moving around in cities. The prime advantages of taking a bike-ride are healthier populations, greener cities, and less congestion, among many others. The rising technology is simply making the activity much more sought-after.
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