Skype launches Messaging App ‘Wire’ Brings Video Messaging

Skype Technologies Co-Founder Janus Friis launches “Wire” with a group of former Skype technologists, has introduced video calls and end-to-end message encryption for all conversations with videos.

Wire is a messaging platform, has introduced a new version of its messaging service. The privacy feature will keep the user’s private conversations out of online data economy, usually used by advertisers to target online users, Launched in 2014, the app allows group chat with up to 128 people.

According to the Wire chief technology officer Alan Duric, “We believe Wire is unique in the industry with always-on encryption for all conversations, in groups or 1:1, with simultaneous support for multiple devices.”

Further, he added, “it was adding video calling to a package of private communications services that go beyond existing messaging providers.”

Rivals such as Facebook’s Messenger and WhatsApp, Telegram, Threema and Signal offer encryption on only parts of a message’s journey or for a limited set of services, he said.

Wire receives financial backing from Iconical, a group of designers, engineers and executives that act as an alternative to traditional venture capital investors. Friis invests in Wire as part of Iconical.

It has not disclosed how much funding it has received. A key selling point for Wire is that it protects users from advertising. Like many start-ups in this area, it is seeking to grow quickly and discover a sustainable business model later.