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SilverWare POS: The Peerless Customer Centric POS Solutions Provider

To ensure you are operating your restaurant with optimal efficiency, all you need is the POS (Point of Sale) system that can help you expedite orders, track sales data, and help better understand your costs. POS helps you simplify communications between the front-of-house and back-of-house; making everyone’s lives easier! POS systems also help environments ensure guests receive items quicker and subsequently helps tables turns faster. Additionally, it will be useful in organizing profit & loss statements and sales taxes. The Real-Time Web-based Reporting & Alerts offer you an understanding of your business.
One such POS solution provider that will fulfill all your needs is SilverWare POS; an award-winning developer of technology solutions designed for the Hospitality and Food Service industry. SilverWare is the pioneer who is pushing the limit of technology while offering POS that best suits your restaurant. Combining its SQL-server POS with flexible Cloud-based technology, SilverWare provides a secure and robust database with the benefits of mobile-friendly solutions. Trusted by thousands of businesses in over a dozen countries, SilverWare designs and deploys products and services that help create a more efficient environment. These solutions include Advanced Table Service Point of Sale, Quick Service Point of Sales, Integration Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for Gift Cards and Loyalty Programs, Cloud Reporting, Analytics & Dashboards, Cloud Menu Management, Omni-Channel Ordering (with integrated Online Ordering), and Mobile POS solutions.
 POS that will help you become more efficient than ever before
SilverWare POS offers the best in server and cloud technology. The company’s most user-friendly Point of Sale (POS) system available in the market allows the client to become more efficient than ever before. SilverWare arms staff with the ability to turn tables faster and bust line-ups quicker. The real-time cloud reporting and insight capabilities, along with the real-time cloud backup/storage provide business intelligence and security to management and owners.
SilverWare is a leading developer of end-to-end solutions for the Hospitality industry. The company is working relentlessly with a mission to improve the profitability of the clients by relentlessly delivering the most innovative and beneficial technologies in the hospitality industry.
The customer-focused solutions of SilverWare are installed in thousands of table and quick service restaurants, bars, private clubs, assisted living communities, corporate/institutional cafeterias, hotels, stadiums, and casinos, throughout North America, Europe, and Australia.
Revolutionary POS Solutions Since 1992
Every great solution comes into reality only after one stumbles upon a huge problem. Well, this is it! This is the story of SilverWare. It all started when, Nick Thalas, Founder and CEO of SilverWare stumbled with the problem of unavailability of a user-friendly restaurant point-of-sale system. In the early 90s, Nick and team identified a need for a more user-friendly restaurant point-of-sale system and introduced one of North America’s first Windows-based Point of Sale solutions.
It was revolutionary for its ease of use and management, along with its fully integrated CRM and table management capabilities. Since its launch, SilverWare has continuously put the customer at the forefront of its development; ensuring not only to take the operators of the system into account but to also consider the patron when developing new solutions.
Helping our customers becomes more profitable and being part of their growth is what truly makes us tick!-    SilverWare
Enthusiast behind SilverWare
Nick Thalas began his software development career over 35 years ago. During this period, he’s been able to accurately identify sustainable technological trends. As a software engineer by trade, Nick still takes a very hands-on approach with the development teams today. Nick has a knack for understanding where the restaurant industry is going which has always allowed Silverware to stay at the forefront of technology. “Building great technology is one thing, ensuring these solutions can easily be leveraged by our customers is another!” says Nick.
“We pride ourselves in offering solutions that assist in providing an elevated client experience – we truly bring more to the table allowing our customers to bring more to theirs,” adds Nick.
According to Nick, this is an ever-changing industry and so the technological advances that they’ve seen since SilverWare’s inception are incredible. Nick believes that their customers are constantly looking for better ways to serve their guests. So, offering solutions to actualize this is something that continuously inspires him and his team.
Solutions focused towards customer’s convenience
SilverWare offers solutions that are thoroughly customer oriented. Customer convenience is the prime focus here. Company’s customer-focused solutions are installed in table service restaurant chains, multi-unit counter service environments, private clubs, assisted living communities, institutional cafeterias, stadiums, casinos, and hotels. Some of the most recent installations include a global hotel chain with venues requiring over 100 stations consisting of Windows-based all-in-ones and iOS tablets.
Understanding clients’ needs and requests have helped SilverWare to push development into specific directions. Being such a customer-oriented organization, they strive to offer the most advanced tools for an incredible value.
SilverWare has received tremendous testimonials from their customers. The company has created strong and lasting partnerships with thousands of operators over the years. “We are extremely proud to have such a loyal customer-base who have continuously helped us make strides when it comes to providing user-friendly and customer-focused technologies to the hospitality industry,” asserts Nick.
Team that leads the company towards success
Though there were many obstacles in the successful journey of SilverWare, it was the team’s efforts that drove the company towards success. Their initial obstacles revolved around market acceptance of a new player with a new product that was quite radically different than the establishment. It was a time when competitors used to narrate the prospects that Windows was a fad and table management was completely unnecessary.
When asked about the key factors that are driving SilverWare towards success, Nick says, “People, people, people!! Our team means everything to us. Our staff is integral to our success. They are dedicated, forward thinking individuals who act with integrity. Without our teams, our organization wouldn’t be what it is today. If I had to include any other factors, it would be our organization’s work ethic and drive to constantly help our customers get to the next level. We find that all restaurant operators are striving for something more – whether that is for opening more locations, offer a better guest experience, or increase the bottom line. SilverWare’s teams and products help facilitate that.”
It is the reputation of SilverWare, which is recognized as a leading developer of technology solutions for the hospitality industry, and this is the driving power for Nick and Team. Nick believes that this is something they should take very seriously. SilverWare is well aware of the current industry scenario. There are start-ups entering this market at a drastic rate, and many of these companies can take some of their market shares. But, rather getting demoralized from the situation the company has become more dynamic than ever before.
Glittering future ahead
When it comes to design the success graph of the company, it has been and will be high always. SilverWare’s growth trajectory has been quite significant in the last few years. The company foresees this exponential growth to continue over the next few years as the POS landscape continues to change. Many existing restaurants are looking for a stronger technology partner, and new restaurants are looking to form long term partnerships with a provider they can grow with. Nick says, “We feel that we’re in an excellent position and that the value we offer is second to none in the industry.”
SilverWare is constantly developing new products that will be released into the marketplace. The company is seeing CRM and mobile technologies becoming more prevalent in the hospitality space. SilverWare has recently reimagined its entire mobile ordering (iOS) technology. Their customers can place orders on Windows-based computers, or iPads, or iPhone that all use the same look and feel.  SilverWare will also be releasing some additional solutions to help their clients provide a more seamless and elevated experience.

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