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SilexPro: Enhancing Group Collaboration through Innovation

The Internet and social media have brought international networking into the reach of small businesses. Moreover, live visual communications are possible using not just PCs but also smartphones and other mobile devices. This rapid evolution of collaboration technology is ushering in a next-generation of workplace that is more productive and efficient, and delivers significant cost savings to organizations across the globe.
One of the forerunners of this burgeoning field of technology is SilexPro.  SilexPro creates and develops a range of digital platforms to help its clients embrace and fully utilize the communications environment of the future.
A Futuristic Leader
Ronald Hajj is the veteran leader, CEO and Founder of SilexPro. He invented and patented the Center of Table (CoT) concept for natural collaboration that is at the core of the company’s communication products. Under his leadership, the great team at SilexPro, has invented the revolutionary Silex PTE range that is transforming group communication as we know it.
Ronald strongly believes in creativity and says, “People should dream and extend their imagination and creativity beyond traditional boundaries to create the required positive force which inspires innovation.
He started his company with a mission to enhance the way people communicate and collaborate remotely over video, and to make group video meetings more natural, more enjoyable and more productive. Ronald asserts, “‘Innovation beyond imagination’ is the mindset by which we will positively disrupt and change the way people collaborate!”
SilexPro’s Innovative Range of Products
New technologies such as WebRTC and standard wireless display protocols are changing the very basics of group collaboration. Soft/web/cloud-based video clients are taking over legacy video conferencing systems, and customers are looking for easy all-in-one solutions to deploy.
To align with this market transformation, SilexPro has created a new generation of uniquely-designed CoT endpoints. Two products, Silex PTE Trio and Silex PTE Quattro, not only fit seamlessly with the new market trends but also fix many of the inherited discomforts and challenges of traditional meeting rooms.
An Exceptional Group Collaboration Experience 
SilexPro is a technology innovator in the field of visual communication and group collaboration. Their Center of Table (CoT) concept has drastically changed the traditional group communication experience.
The organization is vigorously promoting the ‘Silex PTE series’ which is a range of agnostic all-in-one CoT visual collaboration systems. SilexPro wants to combine innovation, technology, and elegance to create an unparalleled meeting experience, virtually involving all the senses.
Transforming the Traditional Video Conference
The Silex PTE video agnostic systems offer a single hardware base for all platforms and are currently the only devices that provide a truly natural group collaboration experience.
The Silex PTE new generation endpoints were created from scratch to include:

  • Multiple interactive touch screens providing a seamless, multi-sided white-boarding experience and exceptional viewing.
  • Multiple (3 or 4) cameras for 360-degree coverage of the room from the Center of Table
  • Central speakerphone for radially symmetrical audio coverage
  • Intelligent 360-degree voice tracking
  • Wireless presentation system based on market standards like Miracast, Airplay and Intel WiDi.
  • One button session recording

Technology Coupled with Ease of Mind for Our Clients
Ronald says, “Customers who do business with us like the technology revolution we provide and the cutting-edge advantages we offer, be it with the Silex PTE Center of Table solutions or with the customized Smart conference room’s solutions.
SilexPro emphasizes on the integral elements of their system which deliver enhanced service availability, quality, and cost-effectiveness. SilexPro’s customers benefit from its advanced replacement plan which covers all hardware defects and failures.
Silex PTE is based on the Windows 10 Pro OS, so there is no need of specially-trained staff for periodic maintenance and checkups. As long as the systems are covered by a service contract, updates and upgrades can be automatically performed to maintain optimal performance levels. Remote troubleshooting sessions can be easily scheduled on the PTE systems.
Using Center of Table Concept to Stand Apart
SilexPro is the first company that dared to defy the traditional ways of conducting video meetings by introducing its disruptive, true all-in-one Center of Table concept.
SilexPro believes that CoT meetings are more natural and that having the remote participant appear in the center of gravity of the meeting (which is the center of the table) promotes engagement. It opens up different ways of visual communication and SilexPro is proud to be the first and only company providing this innovative solution today.
Having an Edge in the Marketplace
SilexPro has introduced luxury designs and integrated customized full-fledged smart conference rooms. It has established a new generation of visual collaboration endpoints that take into consideration current market trends.
Their extensive experience gives them an edge when creating their own advanced solutions which combine and exploit technology already available in the market.
Upcoming Endeavors
SilexPro was the first company to introduce natural voice commands in its collaboration systems, and it recently also introduced intelligent 360-degree voice tracking, one of the most effectual voice tracking systems in the market.
They recently came up with a nice idea to completely hide the PTE system inside the table when the system is not used, using a special motorized lift for this purpose.
The organization also has plans to release a new compact Quattro version for smaller huddle rooms.
Additionally, SilexPro will soon enhance the collaboration experience for users on the move with the new Silex mobile series that will greatly enhance the way people collaborate on the move.
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